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PA Unemployment, post-appeal, messaging confusion... (file, receive, apply, claim)
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Hello all! first of all, this is my first post top top the site. As anyone familiar with the exorbitant state that PA, your UC is...well, let"s to speak confusing and frustrating top top its ideal days.I am going to keep this short, because more than anything, ns am just thoroughly befuddled by the wording top top the website. Basically, I put in my notification with my employer and they fired me 2 days later on for what they suggested was usually gross misconduct. I questioned this claim and also yet they allow me go anyway. So, due to the fact that of this, i figured ns would apply for UC simply in case. I detailed that ns was fired and gave the details, but also gave additional details that this to be after I had actually put in my 3 weeks notice. Soon thereafter, my claim status review the following:Your initial insurance claim has been processed. Please file your biweekly claims as instructed.For one period, ns filed claims. Ns d no receive any payment for the claim. Quickly thereafter, the standing was updated to reflect that my account was under review. Ns assumed it was my employee disputing the claim. After ns spoke through a member of my regional UC department, I obtained two determinations (which ns assume indicated that the was handled as a "split case" or whatever the ax is): one claimed I was eligible beginning with my wait week since I was fired and gross misconduct was no proven; the various other said ns was ineligible start the date that I had actually previously provided as my last day through the company. Ns walked far from this assuming that it supposed that i was denied. Okay, no harm, no foul, whatever, I had actually heard that this type of thing prior to so the hadn"t yes, really come as a surprise. However, my status changed to:Your initial claim has been processed. Please file your biweekly cases as instructed.So...to start....f ns am, by all accounts, denied, why would certainly it to speak this? Is this what is constantly says?So, I retained filing mine claims, and also never received any kind of money. Next thing ns notice, my employer actually appealed the judgment that remained in their donate (all of their UC ingredient is taken on by a third party, which i guess check out one decision to typical that ns was eligible since I was fired). The insurance claim status to update to show that my insurance claim is under appeal and I will be educated by the referee"s office. This all takes place, the very nice hearing happens us both say our piece, the referee type of admonishes mine employer because that wasting everyone"s time, and also we depart (this is now 2 months complying with my leaving this terrible company, and feeling favor I"m never ever going to be rid that them, especially if they"re planning to fight points that they"ve currently WON).So, then things get an ext confusing. The appeal decision basically states that I"m eligible due to the fact that the employer fired me without warning, explanation, or any type of indication or proof of gross misconduct, and also did not enable me to continue working. It claims that ns am eligible start with my wait week. This is what is detailed under the stimulate section. Now, below this, the does have a special note to the UC company Center that states they might wish to investigate whether my separation was as result of quitting voluntarily or gift terminated, and determine if I would certainly be eligible after ~ my initially proposed final day. Personally, I uncovered this very confusing, since he"s the referee dealing with the appeal, and it was practically like he simply put the onus back onto the UC organization Center again. However I digress....about two weeks ~ I obtained this determination, my insurance claim status ultimately updates native stating that it is under appeal, yada yada yada, and back to:Your initial claim has to be processed. Please paper your biweekly claims as instructed.So, i guess, this wasn"t as quick as I"d hope but, what ever before is through this stuff? go this mean that i am now eligible? no eligible? Does the really mean anything in ~ all? ns still haven"t received any type of money, and quite frankly, in ~ this suggest I am an ext just wanting to know where i stand (and if, sky forbid, ns am potentially about to need to go to another appeal hearing). Any help or clarity at all would certainly be greatly appreciated! I have been scouring the net for much more details on what this rather open ended status means, including the PA UC website, and also nothing yes, really specifies, the I deserve to find.Thanks again!