Jeff Silbar

The following morning, Silbar & Henley refined the lyric, making last adjustments. Climate in the afternoon, the duo demoed the track as a midtempo number, v a guitar-based arrangement. When it to be completed, they included this demo to a composite tape of their recent songs, and delivered the to their publisher, Bob Montgomery of house Of gold Music.

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“It was on a Friday that we gave a tape of our demos come Bob Montgomery,” stated Silbar. “Then as soon as we witnessed Bob top top Monday, he instantly told united state he love ‘Wind in ~ My Wings.’ then he had a surprise for us. He played united state a beautiful, ballad variation of the song that he had recorded end the weekend. Us couldn’t believe how terrific it sounded. We both had actually tears in our eyes. Bob had actually taken ours rough, midtempo demo and also produced a new version i beg your pardon truly confirmed the potential the the song.”

Silbar & Henley now recognized that they had actually written a truly special song. “When us were composing it, we assumed it would be a love song, through a guy singing to a mrs or angry versa,” claimed Silbar. “It took us a couple of days come realize the the song had more depth and also meaning. It had a lyrical design template which could use to countless people and also situations. It can be for a teacher, a dad or a mother. It to be a ‘Thank You’ song. It was a means to thank someone who was necessary in their lives.”

At that point, Silbar and also Montgomery began to aggressively pitch “Wind beneath My Wings” to numerous of the biggest, name artists the the time. However surprisingly, this artists pass on the song. It to be a full year before Roger Whittaker came to be the an initial artist to record the song. Yet following this an initial cut, several artists videotaped the song, including Sheena Easton, Lee Greenwood, B.J. Thomas, Lou Rawls, Gladys article & The Pips and Gary Morris. Morris’ version came to be a #4 country hit, which resulted in Silbar & Henley winning the nation Music combination (CMA) Award for “Song of The Year.” Gladys article & The Pips had a R&B hit v their version, which castle retitled, “Hero.”

After this flurry the cuts, points quieted under a bit. In 1984, Silbar and also his wife, Lisa, relocated come Los Angeles from Nashville.

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In addition to proceeding his songwriting career, Silbar worked as a publishing executive, heading up the Los Angeles office of Tree Music.

Then in 1988, Silbar learned that Bette Midler would certainly be recording “Wind beneath My Wings” for her movie, Beaches. Midler’s music director Marc Shaiman had played the tune live because that Midler, manager Garry Marshall and also co-producer Bonnie Bruckheimer, and also they had actually all loved the song.