I have actually an Xbox 360 elite, I've had actually it because that 4 year without any problems.In the past month I've to be disconnecting native live for absolutely no reason. All of my other gadgets stay on the internet. I've tried disconnecting mine router just in case. There appears to be nothing details that cause me come disconnect, however it's extremely annoying as soon as I'm in the center of a game.It'll it is in fine because that a few hours, however when it disconnects it simply keeps doing it. Is this probably a trouble with my Xbox or adapter?


Not certain what the trouble is, but mine started doing this critical night 4 various times too. After a few minutes I'd just hit sign in and it would attach right back. So most likely something ~ above XBLs end.

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I don't understand if that was simply this weekend you room experiencing problems, however anytime there is a free gold weekend I have seen issues with mine Xbox Live features.

I have been can not to authorize in in ~ all because Thursday. When I acquire to the dashboard, the Xbox has a precious IP address, and it can hit a Plex server on mine network there is no a problem, however it can't attach to Live. Edit: Forgot come say that mine is an "E" model, and is less than 6 month old.

I had similar troubles, I uncovered that it to be my router.

Have you freshly updated her routers firmware or settings?

I have actually the same problem however I noticed it happens an ext often when I pat larger gamings e.g halo and also gta, it likewise happens if I'm playing a video game on solitary player, not always or also right away but just randomly. V me the doesn't occur all the time however when that does it's nice frustrating, ns play wirelessly (I upgraded come the slim a couple of years back) and also I understand it's no my router so my ideal bet is that it's miscellaneous to perform with Microsoft. Like I stated though it doesn't happen that much to me however hopefully they solve it soon. I hope the doesn't store happening come you.

Actually I've noticed it while play larger games too. Usually throughout GTA virtual or play Destiny multiplayer. Disconnecting indigenous GTA digital is the worst due to the fact that im sure you know exactly how long it takes to load and how tough it is to get in a video game with her friends.

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Did you review the sidebar and also check the Xbox Live status? http://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-live-status

I had actually this problem years ago, then quit playing my 360 for a lengthy time. Ns booted it increase yesterday come play part Rock tape 3 and also it disconnects pretty lot every single song. You can't play download songs uneven it's connected, therefore I have to re-Sign-In to mine profile Every. Single. Song. It's super fucking annoying.

Did you gain a settle for this?


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