If you\"re teaching your preschoolers and also kindergartners how to spell, the beginning of the alphabet is a an excellent place come start! To set young learner up because that success, take into consideration breaking the alphabet apart and also introducing brand-new words, letter-by-letter. Below, you\"ll discover some of the best words that start with A because that kids and a few activities to show students that learning deserve to be fun.

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How to write the Letter A Printable Writing exercise

Once her preschoolers and kindergarteners can identify the letter A, they have the right to work on composing it. Publish out a tracing worksheet for beginning writers to map upper and lowercase A.


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A-Word list for lower Elementary

By the time students reach an initial grade, it\"s time to up the ante on their A words list. Here are a couple of words to proceed the trip in 1st grade, 2nd grade and 3rd grade.

Put on one Award-Winning Play

If your early on elementary students are currently earning A\"s for their spelling, think about putting on one A-focused pat! Have youngsters choose words native the list above and combine them into an A-plus presentation.

A-Word list for upper Elementary

Double letter are among the obstacles students may challenge at this level. Even as adults, we periodically wonder if accurate has two Cs or Rs. This is a nice possibility to collection upper elementary students in fourth grade and fifth grade up because that success.

Draw your A Words

A fun method to encourage students come remember important vocabulary indigenous is to ask them to draw one that the words. Provide them some \"free draw\" time to select one of your vocabulary indigenous on a paper of paper. Because that example, someone that draws \"ancestor\" can draw their grandparents or someone else in your family.

Practice Vocabulary indigenous That begin With A

Below, you\"ll discover a colorful spinner to publish out. You\"ll announcement a word and then, based upon where the crackhead lands, students deserve to either specify it, spell it, offer a synonym, administer an antonym, act that out, use it in a sentence, or attract a picture.

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A-Words for every Ages

Letter A-words abound. And, v the ideal coaching, we can collection our student up for success in no time at all. Take it a look in ~ Wordfinder\"s extensive list of native that begin with A. It enables you to develop your own word lists, which is a perfect start to a vocabulary list. All you have to do is usage the Advanced setting to pick the words you\"d favor to add.

To proceed making her spelling lessons fun, examine out these words that start with B for kids of all levels. Emerging a love of learning as at an early stage as preschool is a tremendous key to success.