People that love to learn don’t depend only on classrooms or professors. They seek answers because that every question, their minds are always clouded v ‘how’ and also ‘why’. They have an innate desire to please their inner curiosity and dig deeper until their thirst for answers quenches.

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What would certainly you speak to such a person?

What would be a an ideal expression or word because that a person who has actually a enthusiasm for searching, researching, learning new things, and acquiring immense knowledge? who who inquiries everything, consistently looks for answers, and in turn, learns with deep understanding.

This is the question I had in mental while deciding the surname of this website. Autodidact was the very first word that involved my mind yet the name had to it is in something much more generic therefore that civilization could remember and come back to the website much more often.

Well, there are numerous words because that the same. Below is a list of the most noteworthy ones:


According come Oxford Dictionary, it means “A self-taught person.” developed out that English word Auto (self) and Greek indigenous didact (teach). In other terms, someone who has acquired knowledge or learned a topic without seeking aid from a teacher or formal education institution.

Instead of call a computer technician, friend would solve it on your own.


According to Merriam-Webster, it means “A lover that learning: scholar” especially a college student of mathematics. This word to be originated in greece which was offered as a possessor of expertise in many fields.


A an ext profound word for this love-able expression. A polymath is a human whose field of expertise lies in different subjects. The expertise is provided to deal with a details problem by utilizing learnings native every perspective. Polyhistor is one more term to define the same.


“Edison had actually an epistemophilic personality.” This says that Edison had actually an extreme love or reverence because that knowledge. Deserve to be supplied for – impulse to inquire.


Used to define a human being who loves come gather understanding with a greater emphasis top top wisdom. Aristotle and also Socrates to be the biggest sophophiles of all time.

“There space no foolish questions, and also no guy becomes a fool till he has stopped questioning questions.”

Charles Proteus Steinmetz


A person who loves to learn about philosophy. A love for a specific kind the thinking and approach towards a details problem. Together a human is constantly involved in reasoning in a questioning way, suggests with very own notions and also beliefs, and tries to change one’s mind.


A human being who loves books. Bibliophile or bibliophilism is the action of loving books. It may additionally be well-known as “Bookworm” because that someone that loves analysis or reads them because that content.


Formed out of 2 Latin words Sapien (Wise or Intelligent) and Sexualis (Sexes). A human being who finds intelligence to it is in the most attractive feature in a human being being. I’ve regularly used this word and quoted it number of times in mine writings. This should be known and used an ext often by the masses.


An inquisitive human being is intellectually curious, passionate for knowledge, and likes to inquire, research and ask questions.


The most an essential trait of any kind of knowledge lover. If she curious, you really desire to understand something — like what provides someone distinct happy?

“Curiosity is the an extremely basis that education and if you tell me the curiosity killed the cat, i say just the cat died nobly.”

Arnold Edinborough


Known together the name provided to a human being who has a deep inner require for quiet, a desire to understand, analysis the civilization they live in, and learn the deeper reality of this universe.


Having or showing an excellent knowledge, mastery or learning. Possessing or displaying erudition. “An erudious scientist.”


Someone who has many different understand and an innovative pursuits in life. This hatchet is offered for someone who displays aptitude and excellence across multiple techniques like art, economics, and science. It was popularized by Emile Wapnick in the TED speak Why some of Us Don’t have actually One True Calling.


According to Collins Dictionary, it means a propensity to choose anything brand-new or a love the novelty. Neophilic is a human being who has a fondness for, or obsession with, novelty and change. That is considered a personality trait.

Its the opposite is neophobia which method fear of anything brand-new or unwillingness to shot anything new.


The suffix “-holic” is included to a indigenous to denote an seeks to it. Examples: workaholic, readaholic, and chocoholic. Similarly, learnaholic is someone that is addicted come learning and does it more than required.


Used in an informal context. Follow to Cambridge Dictionary, a wonk is a person who works or studies too much, especially someone that learns and knows all the details about something. The relates to enthusiasm interest and excessive attention to boy details in a devoted field such together finance, politics, and science.

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A person who wants to know or knows everything. Used to represent a an excellent individual that has achieved the pinnacle the learning and understanding. This word is frequently used by finance and also advisory providers to convey relationships to substantial expertise.