Creators Danny Kallis and Jim Geoghan left their mark on whole generation of young TV viewers as soon as they debuted "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody" in 2005. The Disney Channel original collection centered ~ above Zack (Dylan Sprouse) and also Cody young name (Cole Sprouse) and their constant shenanigans in ~ the reputation Tipton Hotel. Your antics roped in the hotel"s uptight manager Mr. Moseby (Phil Lewis), the daughter of the hotel"s owner, London Tipton (Brenda Song), the bellhop Esteban Julió Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramírez (Adrian R"Mante), and also others — maintaining viewers coming ago for much more week after week.

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"The Suite Life of Zack & Cody" wrapped up by 2008 after simply three seasons, but the titular twins weren"t done on the tiny screen simply yet. Soon enough, "The Suite Life on Deck" fight the airwaves and also put every one of our favorite characters on the deck the the SS Tipton, accompanied by a handful of new faces. Among the most noteworthy to be Woody Fink, a recurring name that popped in and also out of the present throughout its three-season run. Gibbs Matthew Timmons to be selected to lug the function to life, and also considering how memorable Woody turned the end to be, that was definitely the appropriate choice.

As that this writing, 10 years have actually passed because "The Suite Life on Deck" bid pan goodbye, and also its players have all gone their different ways. That contains Timmons, that looks nothing choose he did throughout his time together Woody and is safety his days lot differently.


When put up versus the bulk of his "Suite Life ~ above Deck" castmates, Matthew Timmons definitely stood out from the pack. His thick-rimmed glasses, curly, bushy hair, and larger frame made him a unique enhancement to the show and certainly reduced a one-of-a-kind silhouette because that Woody Fink. This enabled both the actor and also the character to pole in fans" psychic in the years the followed however made Timmons" drastic physical revolution all the more jarring to handle. To put it simply, the looks favor a fully different person.

In recent years, Timmons has clearly taken enormous strides to leave Woody in the past. He acquired his hair under regulate in February 2017 (via popular music Buzz) and is sporting a slim amount of facial hair, having dropped a far-ranging amount that weight as well. Together one can imagine, the "Suite Life" viewer base has grown up and is almost everywhere the social media world, causing a cumulative frenzy as soon as they captured wind that his new look. 

lyssdavidson ~ above Twitter composed "So like once did woody fink gain hot and what he eating to glo up like this" in 2017. That very same year, 
classytaeh added, "this is the before and also after that the man who play Woody Fink in "Zack and also Cody suite life ~ above deck why can"t puberty do any great on me?" along with a few pictures because that comparison. Though these remarks aren"t precisely recent, that reality makes Matthew Timmons" life changes no less impressive.


Matthew Timmons" bodily changes have left pan of "The Suite Life on Deck" easy to understand shocked. ~ all, he"s now a far cry indigenous his Woody Fink persona, which many people apply as their mind"s eye image of the young actor. However, for as strong as the virtual reactions have actually been, Timmons" change has undeniably had actually the greatest influence on him — specifically once it concerns his significant weight loss. In fact, he has made it recognized that he wants to re-superstructure his experience to motivate rather dealing with similar issues.

"At my heaviest, i was 300lbs. Ns hated myself and hid behind comedy by playing "big" personalities with "big" personalities," Timmons created in a January 2019 Instagram post, explaining come his followers the his talent — no his load – is what really made the a successful comedic actor. He goes top top to disclose that he has actually made a the majority of positive changes in his life, but there"s quiet plenty for him to job-related on in the coming years. Nevertheless, he"s happy to tell his story and also remind united state all the "You"re not alone, and also it"s all types of world who battle with these things."

Having put Woody Fink behind that in more ways 보다 one, you would think the Matthew Timmons has actually gone on come bigger and much better projects exterior of the "Suite Life" canon, right? not exactly, seeing as he hasn"t put his acting an abilities to use since 2013 throughout the 3rd season of the Disney Channel favorite "Jessie." over there he played Max Bauer in the episode "Caught violet Handed," i beg your pardon turned out to be his just appearance ~ above the show. From there, he seemingly bid the entertainment human being farewell because that good.

Given the he"s not even in his 30s yet, Timmons might realistically do a go back to acting someday, however nothing is collection in stone as of ideal now. Although, if he did opt to permanently retire from the line that work, the projects he did finish up taking part in space nothing to be ashamed of. As provided previously, "The Suite Life ~ above Deck" to be his large break, yet his very first time acquisition on the Woody Fink personality actually come in 2007"s "Yay Me! certification London Tipton." This, coupled through his operation on the "Suite Life" series, earned the a spot in 2011"s "The Suite Life Movie" — his only function film to date.


So, if he"s no acting much at every anymore, what is Matthew Timmons approximately these days? Well, for anyone curious about what the previous Woody Fink is doing, you can absolutely check the end his society media accounts. As far as Twitter goes, that hasn"t tweeted in a while — because February 12, 2021, come be specific — however he"s tho liking various other posts and also likely swiping through his feeding regularly. His handle is
matttimmons. At the time of this publication, his latest write-up is date October the 2020, yet even still, the couldn"t ache to check out his feed if you"d choose an update on the once-prolific Disney Channel face. Amongst his numerous selfies and professionally done portraits, there room a handful of shots detailing his adventures anywhere from the gym to Paris, France, and also heartfelt captions about his personal life and also family.

If nothing else, Matthew Timmons" social media profiles space insightful glimpses right into the previous child actor"s modern-day routine.


Speaking the Matthew Timmons" social media presence, the doesn"t take it you lengthy to an alert that the has arisen his very own fashion feeling over the years. Of the outfits presented off top top his Instagram page, it"s practically as if no 2 of them space alike, nor room they hastily thrown with each other at the last minute. Therefore, it wouldn"t be unreasonable to speak to Timmons other of a fashion icon, particularly considering his partnership with Lululemon that started in the autumn of 2020.

Timmons announced the short-term collaboration via Instagram, commending the apparel brand and also mentioning that "2020 said we require comfy & feel good about you yourself vibes and also
lululemon listened." even if it is or no he"s tho working with Lululemon isn"t known, but even if lock didn"t keep him approximately for the lengthy haul, surely he"ll team up through another company sooner quite than later. He has a crawl eye for fashion and also is eager to re-superstructure it v the world.

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For many people across the globe, Matthew Timmons will constantly be Woody Fink. Despite he may not look like his "Suite Life" alter-ego anymore, and he isn"t going out of his method to soil movie and also TV gigs, he seems genuinely happy v the means his life is going. At the end of the day, that"s what matters most.