You have a wish. However to express the wish, must you to speak “I wish ns were” or “I wish ns was”? short answer: “I wish ns were” is grammatically correct, however let’s take a additional look at the rules. We’re going come talk about subjunctive rules.

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Grammar class

“Were” and “was” room both past-tense conjugations the the verb “to be.” use “was” as soon as you room using the first-person singular pronoun "I" or the third-person singular pronouns "he" or "she."

“Were” is the proper version as soon as you room using second-person singular and also plural pronoun "you," "your," "yours." you can additionally use “were” through first- and also third-person plural pronoun "we" and also "they."

Confused about pronouns yet? try saying them the end loud. “He were going come school” no right, however “he was going come school” rolls turn off the tongue.

Why Is it “I Wish i Were”?

Good question! After all the pronouns we simply talked about, why space we breaking the rules? We’re no breaking the rules, we’re simply using something called the “subjunctive mood.”

The good-bye is supplied when introduce to potential or hypothetical situations, choose wishing for something the doesn’t exist yet. “I wish ns were” is grammar correct because you’re wishing because that something that hasn’t occurred yet. As soon as it becomes real, you deserve to switch back to “was.”

“I wish i were surrounding by a heap of puppies best now.”

Flash forward to visiting an animal shelter: “I was the happiest human being in the people when ns was playing through all the puppies.”

You can also identify the goodbye by the context of the sentence. Think around the track “If i Were a wealthy Man” indigenous Fiddler on the Roof. starting the sentence through “if” shows the potential nature that the situation. The doesn’t actually exist yet, and also the subjunctive must be used.

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