All the stars the the skies are mysteriously turning off one through one, throwing the various civilizations of the Magical world in the dark. And also it appears that Valtor"s return is covert behind this disastrous threat.

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In Winx club season 8, the fairies that Alfea will travel to a new planet called Lumenia, whereby the queen will entrust them with the power of Cosmix, to defend the stars that the magical universe. Through them there will also be an adorable brand-new friend, a Lumen (a miracle star-shaped creature) native this planet.
In addition to Cosmix, it appears that in the brand-new series some catchphrases indigenous previous periods will return, including a new version of Sirenix and Enchantix. And of course, together we have already said, there will be the an excellent return of among the historical enemies that Bloom and her companions have already defeated in the past, or the angry Valtor.

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- Primi tre episodi della nuova stagione, dal 10 aprile inanteprima esclusiva su raiplay e paiplay yoyo
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