Model: Model 94Serial Number: 987373Year of Manufacture: 1926Caliber: .32 W.S. (Winchester Special)Action Type: Lever before Action Saddle Ring Carbine, Tubular MagazineMarkings: The left side of the barrel is marked “Model 94 Winchester / Trade Mark / Nickel Steel 32 W.S. ” The best side of the barrel is marked “Made In U.S.A. Winchester Repeating Arms Co. / New Haven Conn.”. The serial number is uncovered on the underside of the frame. There is a “4” ahead of the trigger. The upper tang is marked “Model 94 / Winchester / Trade Mark Reg. In UNITED STATE Pat. Off. & Fgn.”. The Winchester Proof is on optimal of the barrel and the frame.

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Barrel Length: 20″Sights / Optics: This rifle is installed via a solved front blade and also a dovetail collection, rear carbine leaf sight.Stock Configuration & Condition: The stocks are original condition oiled timber. The forfinish shows nearly no marqueens and just a slight depression behind the barrel band also. The buttstock reflects a few even more marks and depressions, and also tright here is some rubbed paint on the left side of the buttstock at the buttplate. The lumber is untouched, and also fits incredibly well. The LOP measures 13″. The stocks rate in around Excellent all at once problem.Type of Finish: BlueFinish Originality: Factory Original – GuaranteedBore Condition: The bore is bappropriate and the rifling is sharp. Tbelow is some very hard to remove fouling, yet no pitting or erosion.Overall Condition: This rife retains about 95%+ of its metal finish. The balance of the complete shows a little of wear to the barrel bands and a spot or 2 of frosting on the appropriate side of the structure. The end up is still intact wright here this frosting is, and also even understanding it is tright here, it is hard to check out. Tright here is a very faint rub from the saddle ring, practically no muzzle or edge wear and also no pitting or erosion. This is a pristine rifle. The Screw heads are sharp and many type of are unturned. The marqueens are crisp. Overall, this rifle rates in around Excellent problem.Mechanics: The activity functions appropriately. We did not fire this rifle.

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Box, Paperoccupational & Accessories: NoneOur Assessment: The Winchester 1894 is more than likely the a lot of recognizable rifle style in the world. Born of John Moses Browning’s design genius, it permitted Winchester to manufacture a light, handy rifle which might still chamber an effective round. Millions of these rifles have actually been produced, and also this one was made in 1926, as soon as the weapons manufacturers were at the elevation of their top quality. This is around the best 1894 SRC you will certainly be able to discover, also better in .32 WS. This one is a collector’s dream.

Sold For: $1,970.01

Winchester Model 94 1894 SRC — .32 WS Lever Action Saddle Ring Carbine – 1926