I am going to assume the what you have actually is a Winchester rifle, model 94 in .30-30 caliber which was made in 1994. Now if that is exactly it would certainly be precious around $400 in the problem you state. If you have actually the box and all papers and tags you could get an additional $50 indigenous the best person. Either means it is a long way from $7000.

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It counts on the grade. The model 1994 Centennial to be issued in three different grades, grade ns being the the very least expensive, and grade III being the many expensive.The serial number will additionally shed light on her question.There were differences in the wood, engraving, etc.

Grade I, never fired, may bring $1000-1200.Grade II, may lug $1800-2000.

I haven"t viewed a class III because that sale, but $7000 may be accurate.

John M Rq
5 year ago

Your comment is an extremely interesting. I have a grade 1,never been even loaded. I have actually kept in its box since first looking in ~ it. I have several box of the special Edition cartridges that were available at the time. I simply looked online since I am considering offering all.

2 years ago

I had one the was give to me by mine farther he got from a gay that it to be his grandfathers it to be stolen in 1983 and also was never uncovered I wish i had obtained the serial # before I lost it however it was the finest of every my weapons I Still miss out on it today! it had a hexagon barrl


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