Based ~ above the publications by Laura Ingalls Wilder, Little house on the Prairie made its tv debut in 1974. It was on the air for 9 seasons prior to the display was canceled by the network in 1983.

Little home told the story the the Ingalls family members (Charles, Caroline, Mary, Laura, and Carrie) together they navigated life in the so late 1800s, consisting of their relationships with the other members of Walnut Grove. The Oleson family, because that example, play a large role in the stays of the Ingalls. Nellie was Laura’s sworn enemy and also Willie was she brother. Melissa Gilbert (who play Laura Ingalls Wilder) and also Jonathan Gilbert (Willie) to be siblings in real life. Yet their relationship abruptly finished when Jonathan “simply disappeared” in ~ the period of eighteen, follow to his sister.

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Alison Arngrim, Steve Tracy, Jonathan Gilbert, Melissa Gilbert, and also Rad Daly | Paul Harris/Getty Images

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Melissa play the Little home on the Prairie narrator, Laura Ingalls Wilder. She was simply 9 year old as soon as she ended up being a tv star. Audience watched her thrive up to fill the pair of shoes of both Ma and also Pa Ingalls. Prefer her father, she to be a peace-maker and a problem-solver.

When Melissa was actors as Laura, Jonathan was cast as Willie Oleson. Willie was the boisterous sibling that Walnut Grove bully Nellie Oleson, play by among Melissa’s real-life ideal friends, Alison Arngrim. Willie remained in the handful of characters who continued to be on the show for the entirety of that run.

Melissa states Jonathan ‘cut self off from the family’ as soon as he turn 18

In Melissa’s memoir, she wrote about her brother’s sudden departure from California and the family.

“My brother, Jonathan, completely cut himself off indigenous the family,” she wrote. “He turn eighteen and simply disappeared. Despite he would rotate up a pair of time over several years, I have actually only viewed him 3 times in the last two decades. Surprisingly, ns am at tranquility with it. Despite my heart does ache for mine mother.”

Jonathan exit show business after transforming 18 to go after his MBA in finance, follow to CNN.

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After ~ leaving California and also acting, he came to be a stockbroker in brand-new York City.