cracked Cooper 5 Is In Development, claims Leaker A remarkable leaker has actually corroborated rumors that a fifth entry in PlayStation"s sly Cooper platformer franchise is currently being developed.

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Sly Cooper 5 Rumored Leaks To be In The Works
Leaks from a video clip game sector insider allege a Sly Cooper 5 is at this time in development, and another game leaker has backed their claims. The initial trilogy of cartoon platformers was arisen by Sucker beat Productions, while the series" fourth game was handed over to Sanzaru Games and also released in 2013.

The Sly Cooper games came to be staple platformer titles after your releases between 2002 and 2005, regardless of being few of the very an initial games Sucker beat developed. The collection proved to it is in a success yet underwent a period of inactivity ~ the studio"s final Sly Cooper release, as result of its shift in focus come the new Infamous series. Sucker punch left the future of the franchise in the hand of Sanzaru Games, which exit a high-definition remastered collection of the original trilogy, adhered to by later on the 4th installment, Sly Cooper: thieves in Time. 

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Sly Cooper could it is in making a return, though. A recent video from YouTuber Canadian male Eh reports several potential leaks imply a Sly Cooper 5 is in development. In an answer to a since-deleted, alleged leak top top 4chan, Reddit user and also industry insider Nick Baker also claimed to have heard a 5th game is in the works - through "someone," allegedly no Sucker Punch. Other Reddit customers entertained the idea that Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time developer Sanzaru Games might be helming the project, back its 2020 acquisition by Facebook has caused some skepticism.

This is not the an initial time word has sprung up around a Sly Cooper revival. In 2017, a 52-episode Sly Cooper television series was announced, believed come be reaching audiences in 2019. However, it shows up the present was thrown the end after that studios, Technicolor and PGS Entertainment, quiet removed Sly Cooper from their upcoming tasks list. When conversations around Sucker Punch"s franchise have actually largely quieted since, the developer paid homage to the platformer in 2020 by implementing attainable Sly Cooper outfits in Ghost that Tsushima.

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While the visibility of Sly Cooper 5 is right now a only rumor, over there seems factor to believe official plans because that such a game can appear in the future. Sure, hopes for a Sly Cooper television series were squashed, but returning come the game"s initial medium can prove to be a much more successful move for the franchise. Only time will certainly tell if Sucker beat or one more studio is actually acquisition on the task.