UPDATE: There’s some indication that the present may actually have actually been cancelled as the producers had actually been negotiating the opportunity of a 6th season and/or movies. One of two people way, season five will be the end for Merlin (as we know it anyway).

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As suspected, the fifth season the Merlin will certainly be the TV show’s last. The news was evidenced today by a push released issued by the BBC. Merlin is developed overseas and licensed worldwide. It’s viewed on Syfy below in the states.

The fifth and final season of Merlin is at this time airing in the UK and also the two-part series finale will air in ~ Christmas. Syfy will start airing the 13 illustration of season 5 on Friday, January 4th. The collection finale is meant to then air in so late March.

Here’s the push release which has statements native castmembers Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Katie McGrath, angel Coulby, and Richard Wilson.

It to be announced now that the current series of Merlin will certainly be the last as BBC One’s hit display reaches a spectacular conclusion this Christmas. The epic family members fantasy drama will certainly bow out through a distinct two-part finale, as this unique re-telling that the Arthurian legend will its natural and also dramatic end – it’s no to it is in missed!

Merlin has been enthralling audience on Saturday nights over last five years, repetitively attracting an average audience of over six million viewers, through ratings because that the current series peaking in ~ 7.1 million.

Merlin has been a for sure favourite v BBC One viewers since its very first outing in 2008. Commemorated for its miracle storytelling, cinematic visual effects and most of all the wonderful actors which has Colin Morgan together Merlin, Bradley James as Arthur Pendragon, Katie McGrath together Morgana, point of view Coulby together Guinevere, Anthony Head as Uther Pendragon, Richard Wilson together Gaius, and also John Hurt as the voice that the an excellent Dragon.

Co-creators and executive producers, Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy, confirm the current series will be the last: “This is the collection where the storylines important reach their apex. We constantly felt the story that the legend was best told throughout five series, resulting in a spectacular finale that draws on the ideal known elements of this much-loved story and also brings to a conclusion the fight for Camelot.

“We’d choose to thank the remarkable cast and also crew for your professionalism and also dedication, the BBC, FME and every one of our partners worldwide for their tremendous support and encouragement throughout the last 5 series.

“But chiefly, our many thanks go come Merlin’s remarkable and loyal audience about the people for your enthusiasm because that the characters and Camelot universe.”

Danny Cohen, Controller, BBC One, said: “Merlin’s mix of magic, adventure and humour quickly came to be a hit through BBC One audiences and also has ongoing to thrill households over the last 5 years top top Saturday nights. Ns admire the creators’ decision to end Merlin ~ above a high, but additionally know that we will miss out on it in the BBC One schedule.

“On behalf of BBC One i would like to say thanks to Shine and all those affiliated in the making of the show both on and also off screen. I hope pan will tune in end the coming weeks to watch the spectacularly dramatic final episodes, and we have ambitious plan for new drama in the Saturday night slot in 2013.”

Colin Morgan (Merlin) said: “From the beginning this was always going to it is in a five year journey that us embarked on and I think the present has operation its organic course. The present has grown and grown each year and now we’ve came down on its strongest allude and we’ve completed what we collection out come do… I know this is the end, and I recognize this is goodbye, yet thank you for being over there on the journey v us because it has actually been a most fun!”

Bradley James (King Arthur) said: “The Merlin years have detailed me v fond memories, great experiences and also beloved friends and also all the while we were supported by a dedicated fan base that made the display a unique, surreal and also special experience. Mine words won’t execute justice come the honour of being King Arthur so ns shall just say the it has been superb one and that discovering the present has to be a component of so numerous people’s lives, has actually been humbling.”

Katie McGrath (Morgana) said: “I have constantly said the success of the show has stemmed from our audience gift able come relate to the characters on different levels – being based on the universally loved Arthurian legend is only a tiny component of that is success – it’s a story around acceptance and also growing up. The breathtaking finale that this series leaves you through no doubt that characters have to be on their journeys and had their story told – it’s completely the ideal time to draw our informing of the story to a close.”

Angel Coulby (Guinevere) said: “It has actually been a very special and also memorable five years making Merlin. I feel extremely proud to have been part of such a brilliant show and such a an excellent team. Ns think we’ve said the story we set out to tell, which ends v the terrific two-part finale through the street! I think the vital to any kind of successful display is making sure you leave human being wanting more!”

Richard Wilson (Gaius) said: “Firstly, ns would prefer to say that I’m extremely sad that Merlin has come to an end. Speaking together Gaius, i feel I have mentored the young wizard as much as I deserve to – the is much smarter and greater 보다 me now and I am merely exhausted!”

Other memorable cast include Mordred (Alexander Vlahos) and the brave Knights of the round Table sir Leon (Rupert Young), sir Percival (Tom Hopper), teacher Gwaine (Eoin Macken) and also the late teacher Elyan (Adetomiwa Edun).

Merlin has actually attracted an astounding range of guest stars consisting of Michelle Ryan, Santiago Cabrera, Emilia Fox, Asa Butterfield, Mackenzie Crook, Adrian Lester, Warwick Davis, Miriam Margoyles, Eddie Marsan, will certainly Mellor, James Cosmo, Lindsay Duncan, Janet Montgomery, James Fox, Tom Ellis, Nathanial Parker, Michael Cronin, Charles Dance, Gemma Jones, sarah Parish, Miranda Raison, Ben Daniels and John Lynch.

Across five collection writers Julian Jones, Jake Michie, Lucy Watkins, Howard Overman, Ben Vanstone and also Richard McBrien have taken the characters on a spectacular journey.

Series 5 opened to a Camelot in ~ the elevation of the ‘golden age’, yet a menacing omen overshadows Arthur’s future and unknown threats emerge from in ~ the lock walls. Now everything Merlin has actually tried to defend is in danger. Albion’s dark trial has actually begun and the final fight has been joined, yet who will survive?

Do not miss the last ever episodes and also the dramatic conclusion that Merlin top top BBC One, Saturdays at 8pm.

Merlin is executive developed by Johnny Capps and also Julian Murphy because that Shine Television, v Bethan Jones executive, management producer for BBC Wales. The series is a BBC Cymru Wales Production and was commissioned by Ben Stephenson, Controller BBC Drama Commissioning and Danny Cohen, Controller BBC One.

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Created and also produced by bright TV, Fremantle Media enterprises (FME) room an investor in Merlin and hold the exclusive circulation (excluding UK), residence entertainment and also licensing civil liberties to the property.

What execute you think? room you i m really sorry to hear that Merlin is ending or is this the ideal time?