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This overview will break down the difference between king and also California king mattresses.

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A king-sized mattress is not the very same size as a California king. For this reason what's the difference in between the two? which one is larger? What room the factors to select one end the other?

Below, you'll learn precisely what the difference is in between the king (also recognized as an east king) and also the California king (aka west coast king, Cal king, west king, or WC king). Friend will discover why part folks prefer one end the other, the pros and cons of each, and how to uncover sheets to fit (and why detect sheets because that one form can be a pain).

The Difference between a King and also a California King

These 2 mattresses differ in their dimensions: A regular king-sized mattress is 76" vast and 80" long, when the California king is 72" vast and 84" long. Therefore the consistent king is the widest traditional mattress you have the right to buy, and also the California king is the longest.

Choosing the ideal Mattress for her Height

Since a typical king is the widest, it's good for vast people or those who want an ext room to roll, but it may be too quick for tall world (if you don't want to sleep through your feet dangling turn off the end). Due to the fact that the California king is narrower however longer, this bed is best for high folks.

If you're not super tall, you can want to take into consideration opting because that a typical king. This is since of one huge issue: bedding. It will certainly be much much easier for girlfriend to find bedding to fit your typical king.

What is the difference between a king and California king?

King size is the widest: 76 inches vast by 80 inch long.

California king is the longest: 72 inches large by 84 long.

Mattress Dimension and Size Chart

(Mattress sizes because that North America)



39 in (99.1 cm)

75 in (190.5 cm)

Twin (extra long)

39 in (99.1 cm)

80 in (203.2 cm)


54 in (137.2 cm)

75 in (190.5 cm)


60 in (152.4 cm)

80 in (203.2 cm)

California Queen

60 in (152.4 cm)

84 in (213.4 cm)


76 in (193 cm)

80 in (203.2 cm)

California King

72 in (182.9 cm)

84 in (213.4 cm)


What does "California" mean when introduce to mattresses?

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How perform King and California King compare to Queen-Size Mattresses?

A conventional queen-size mattress is 60" broad by 80" long. Therefore the traditional king is 16" wider but the same size as a queen; the Cali king is 12" wider and 4 inches much longer than a queen.

Finding Sheets come Fit a California King

Sheets for a king-sized mattress are easy to find. However, among the best drawbacks to the California king is that it have the right to be difficult to discover sheets and also bedding the will properly fit. Those sheets friend bought because that a continuous king bed won't fit (they're method too short!).

If you have actually a Cali king bed and can't find any good sheets in the store, your finest bet is shop online. This is why most civilization opt because that a traditional king.

Frequently inquiry Questions

How lot bigger is a California king than a king size bed?

The California king is 4 inches much longer than—but also four inches narrow than—a conventional king mattress.

What is a break-up California king bed?

"Split" simply means that the mattress is made up of two parts that fit together. A separation king (or twin king) has two piece that room each around the dimension of a twin mattress. This mattresses need special bedding.

What about thickness? space California kings thicker than traditional kings?

Both of these mattresses usually variety in thickness native 10 come 14" thick. Noþeles thicker 보다 that and also you might need come buy extra-deep equipment sheets.

Would conventional king sheets to the right a California king size mattress?

Your standard sheets will more than likely not to the right the California king. They'll most likely be as well short.

Would California king sheets fit a traditional king dimension mattress?

Your California king dimension sheets will most likely be also long and also too narrow for the typical king mattress.

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Can a California king mattress right a king bed?

Probably not. The mattress will probably be as well long and also narrow.