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Have you ever broken something youreally didn’t want to break? mine intention is never to rest anything, but it happens – and recently ns dropped a relatively new glass dessert plate that my mother gave me together a housewarming gift. Luckily i was may be to resolve it withClear Gorilla Glue®!

I was pulling the dessert plate out of an top cabinet to use, and also it slipped out of my hand and also dropped and also hit the optimal of the fridge. It wasn’t sufficient to break the items (thank goodness!) however it was enough to break turn off a section of the stand. I was therefore upset.

I conveniently realized, “wait a second – clear Gorilla Glue!” correctly . . . Gorilla Glue makes a really strongcrystal clear formula perfect because that bonding glass together. I realized this would certainly be a perfect applications for the glue and also would save my dessert plate.

Why Gorilla Glue?

I’ve constantly had success with Gorilla glue for house repairs and also for miscellaneous DIY jobs that I’ve done. I was certain that if ns tried the clear formula, it would work well – and also I to be right! What drew me in was that it’s crystal clear (perfect for glass choose this!) and also it doesn’t foam or expand. So because that a little fix choose this one, the clean Gorilla glue was exactly what ns needed.

Not just does it bond glass, the bondswood, stone, metal, ceramic, foam, and more. This formula functions both indoors and also outdoors, and also it’s really simple to dispense from the party (which is no true of every glues!). Here’s how I fixed my dessert plate! This to be the prior to with the bottom of the bowl stem broken off cleanly.

Step One:I make sure everything is clean and also dry, and added clear Gorilla glue to the stem.

you don’t need a many glue, yet enough to cover the area.

Step Two: i secured the stem ago to the plate and wiped away the excess adhesive that come out the sides.

Step Three: I set my dessert plate optimal down top top a hard, level surface. You have the right to clamp or ar a hefty item on top to keep every little thing secure. I offered a small, heavy book.

after ~ 24 hours, my dessert plate is completely secure and also ready come use. I can even hand wash it again!

Here are some additional questions you could have about the product.

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How long Does it take it Gorilla adhesive to Dry?

This adhesive takes around 2 hrs to dry, however then around 24 hours to reach complete cure (fully dry). Clamps are recommended, or hefty items to keep the push on the item you’re gluing. Ns noticed that the base of my dessert plate was pretty certain in about 15 minutes! yet I left that to dried overnight simply to it is in sure.

Is the Water Resistant?

Yes! It’s very water resistant but not encourage for ongoing water exposure. Friend can certainly use the outdoors, yet you wouldn’t want your task in an area whereby water is on the constantly. Display screen porches or covered areas are perfect!

Can you remove Gorilla Glue?

Wipe off the excess glue after applying and securing her item – you can likewise use paint thinner while it’s wet. If it’s dried you’ll want to remove the excess with a chisel or sandpaper. I recommend sandpaper if you’re working through glass simply so friend don’t break the item again!

If you love Gorilla Glue and also use it about your home, I’d love come hear what you carry out with the in the comments. Also let me know if you’d love to try the clean formula! You can purchase the clean formula from your neighborhood Home Depot!