What is MIDI?

MIDI means Musical tool Digital Interface. It consists of a collection of digital signals that are used for controlling and playing electronic musical instruments.

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It’s essential to realise the MIDI doesn’t contain any kind of actual sound itself, it’s just instructions for exactly how other instruments should develop sound. In this feeling it works choose the conductor of one orchestra. The conductor no make any kind of sound by your self, yet they send signals to all of the various other members that the orchestra the tell lock what come play, as soon as to play, and what expression to use while playing. MIDI is prefer an electronic version that that.

How is MIDItransfer ?

There are 4 ways the MIDI can be transmitted making use of an ubraintv-jp.com interface:





Let’s examine each of this in turn.

DIN-MIDI Connection

Those cables v the ring 5 pin connectors (officially called DIN 41524 connectors) to be originally offered as hi-fi cables method back in the 1970s. These cables became obsolete in the 1980s, and when MIDI was created in 1983 many Japanese manufacturers had actually lots of back stock of them the they necessary to gain rid of, so they determined to make the the first MIDI cable standard. Also though it’s no longer used for hi-fi any type of more, you will still watch ports choose this on nearly every item of MIDI gear.


Although this has long been the standard, DIN-MIDI connections have one significant flaw: MIDI to run over DIN connectors have the right to only take trip in one direction! MIDI signals constantly go the end from a MIDI the end connection, and also in come a MIDI In connection. That way you must constantly connect DIN-MIDI cables native a controller’s MIDI out jack come an instrument’s MIDI In jack. You deserve to see this in the diagram below: the MIDI the end plug is plugged into the keyboard’s MIDI In socket, and also the MIDI the end socket top top the key-board is linked to the MIDI In plug.


That’s a an excellent system if we just want to attach our computer to one keyboard but what if we desire to add much more MIDI tools or usage multiple sounds from our keyboard synth?

We manage that by using MIDI Channels. Every hardware DIN-MIDI connection has 16 MIDI channels available, every of which can send instructions come a various MIDI instruments. It’s choose our conductor having actually an orchestra that 16 tools that they deserve to talk to all at once.

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However it is still a pretty tiny orchestra - what if us need more instruments? We can add an ext by just adding much more DIN-MIDI hardware ports, each of i beg your pardon will carry us an additional 16 MIDI channels.