Since it’s summer time, I found it just fitting come talk about towing boats. Our customer support team quite commonly receives concerns from customers concerning their tongue weight as soon as towing a boat as well as questions about whether or not they can submerge their boat trailer hitch in water while launching the boat.

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The tricky point with boats is that you can’t place the watercraft on the trailer in a means that offers you a appropriate tongue weight (10-15% that GTW). That not prefer you can pull the boat farther forward on the trailer if you are below the 10% tongue weight rating and vice versa. You likewise can’t position the boat farther back on the trailer if you exceeding 15% tongue load rating. It’s not favor a flatbed trailer v ATV’s loaded wherein you have actually the capacity to move those items around in order to store your tongue load within the 10-15% of GTW range. 

Also, things like the motor and also engine on a boat are currently predetermined, an interpretation that you nothing usually have actually the choice to relocate those around either. All of this contributes come why the tongue weight usually reads low when towing a boat. In turn, you’ll must load everything cargo you’re bringing in the bow the the boat to aid increase the tongue weight. Coolers, towels, snacks and also water toys should be loaded as necessary based turn off of what her tongue load is and also where you’re needing it to be.


Another important facet to store in mind with boats is that they hold water. Constantly check and also make certain there isn’t any rain water or other water gift stowed away inside your boat as this can fully throw turn off the load of her boat and your tongue load calculations.

For every those questioning even if it is or no you have the right to submerge your weigh Safe hitch into water once launching her boat…YES girlfriend can! ours hitches are totally capable of being submerged in water.

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whether you’re launching your boat into the ocean, a lake or various other body that water, always remember to clean her hitch afterwards. Remove your weigh Safe hitch from her tow vehicle, eliminate the slider native the draw bar and rinse with a light soap and also water. Law this will ensure the your hitch stays clean and functioning properly and also doesn’t gain debris develop up.

And together a continuous reminder, make certain to never tow a watercraft that exceeds your gross auto weight rating (GVWR) and take the appropriate steps and precautions before hitting the road. Together always, know prior to you tow. A job of boating is only fun if you do it there safely. Oh and our Steel weigh Safe hitch is coming very soon!! continue to be tuned!