To mine understanding, kryptonite is a rock the is from the world Krypton. Superman is also from world Krypton. However somehow kryptonite weakens Superman and can even kill him.

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How does this work? Why precisely does kryptonite hurt him? Isn"t his whole home world made the kryptonite?


Kryptonite is a transuranic element or link (we are never ever told which for certain) whose innate radioactivity inhibits the absorption of high-energy solar radiation i m sorry Kryptonians use to strength their tasks of superhuman ability.


Not only does it prevent the additional absorption the solar energy, the displaces, painfully, claimed solar energy with kryptonite radiation causing the prompt loss the a Kryptonian"s superhuman abilities within seconds and also can, depending on the purity and exposure length, lead to the death of a Kryptonian by a kind of "radiation poisoning".

DC has made no official "scientific" rationalization regarding HOW Kryptonite works. End the decades, we are given a selection of factors it works, yet just vague sufficient we can not be exact on the process within his cellular activity.


Though Kryptonite very first appeared ~ above a radio transfer in 1943 and also made its first non-green figure in 1949’s Superman #61, we would certainly not actually see the signature environment-friendly Kryptonite until 1951 in activity Comics #161.


Kryptonite"s origins vary yet most explain their development at the core of the planet Krypton and also were in some continuities responsible because that the explosion and also destruction of that world. Many pieces come on Earth since they traveled close to the space-ship Jor-El sent baby Kal-El to planet in. Various other pieces were assumed to arrive later.

Most depictions suggest it was only the core of the world which was consisted of of Kryptonite, though few of the earlier ones indicated any kind of piece that Krypton that involved Earth was thought about Kryptonite.


Kryptonite"s beginnings vary relying on the continuity indigenous which it appears in. In the silver- Age, kryptonite came in a range of colors and also each color had specific affects i beg your pardon were caused by exposures to various radiations, herbal phenomena or clinical experimentation.

In practically all known continuities it is eco-friendly Kryptonite which has actually proven to be lethal to Kryptonians who have actually been exposed come its radiation. Eco-friendly Kryptonite to be lethal to any kind of Kryptonian indigenous the same universe the Kryptonite was derived from.



Several that Superman"s foes use Kryptonite as part of their arsenal the weapons including Lex Luthor, that wore a ring through a item of Kryptonite installed in the ring. Luthor wore this ring until it offered him cancer.

Said ring to be recovered by Superman and also given come Batman, together a component of a contingency arrangement to "stop" Superman need to he ever be mind-controlled or have actually his cost-free will compromised.

Metallo has actually a robotic body whose powerplant offers a hunk the Kryptonite as its strength sources. Brainiac was likewise fond of using Kryptonite in many of his schemes including producing a body extended with the material.

More contemporary depictions that Kryptonite only show tiny amounts of green Kryptonite top top Earth, yet some advanced science has been able to duplicate the signature radiation making it capable of being offered as a weapon against Superman.

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As an aside, the eco-friendly Lantern"s ring is likewise able to replicate the signature the a item of green Kryptonite potentially making them capable of beating Superman, if necessary.