Ina Garten, the “Barefoot Contessa” that Food Network, leads a life that many of she viewers envy. A full day for Garten is food preparation meals for her beloved husband, Jeffrey, using fresh ingredient from the local market, serving their meals beachside or ~ above the deck the their amazing Hamptons, NY home.

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Jeffrey and Ina Garten | Jim Spellman/WireImage

Missing native this idyllic step is the pitter-patter the children. After much more than 50 year of marriage, the pair have actually never had youngsters of your own.

Find out more about the couple’s decision to forego having actually children and why they make this choice.

Jeffrey and also Ina Garten’s Hamptons life

The Gartens live in the beautiful Hamptons in brand-new York consisting, in regards to property, of your gorgeous home, the smaller cottage which Garten describes as she “barn,” whereby she prepares her recipes for her cookbooks, and the garden she posts about endlessly ~ above Instagram.

The pair have actually made fairly a life because that themselves in their home due to the fact that the so late 1970s after seeing an advertisement for The Barefoot Contessa boutique grocery store shop and also moving indigenous Washington, DC to the Hamptons.

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ns so excited because that the new season that Barefoot Contessa cook Like a Pro! ns sharing lots an ext tips, tricks, and delicious recipes to assist you cook like a pro at home! The very first episode is all around farm was standing food and premieres Sunday, April 21 in ~ 11:30 to be (ET) on Food Network. This is walk to be fun!! #barefootcontessa #cooklikeapro

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inagarten) top top Apr 11, 2019 at 9:50am PDT

“To think just how lucky i was the I saw that ad for a service for sale in a ar I’d never ever been—the Hamptons—and I just took a chance.”

“I’d never also been here, and also I had actually never had a business. I’d never had an employee. I’d never even been a waiter in a restaurant. I had actually never done any type of of it. And to think that i wouldn’t have actually done this—I can’t imagine. To say I’m happy is an understatement.”

Garten considers this she ‘baby’

Although the Gartens don’t have children, they have actually invested a an excellent deal of your lives and themselves into the store, the Food Network program, and also the in its entirety Barefoot Contessa brand. Barefoot Contessa is, so to speak, the son Garten never ever had.

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I'm therefore excited to announce the my brand-new Barefoot Contessa series "Cook prefer A Pro" beginning this Sunday, may 28, in ~ 11am ET ~ above Food Network. I'm sharing numerous recipes and also tips the I've learned professionally so girlfriend can chef at home with confidence. The an initial of 8 illustration is – that course! – all about chicken! I'll be making Roast Chicken v Radishes, Chicken & Spinach Waldorf Salad, and Truffled Chicken Liver Mousse. Expect you deserve to join me; it's walk to be so much fun! xxx Ina

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Garten bought the Barefoot Contessa save from its vault owner, Diana Stratta, and managed it for 18 years. The knowledge she gained from Stratta was enormous.

“I think feeling that i took she child and raised it and also gave that an worldwide reputation,” Garten says of Stratta. “I’m forever thankful that she started it.”

Why the Gartens chose not to have actually kids

The 71-year-old spoke on Katie Couric’s podcast in 2017 about her marriage to Jeffrey and their no-kids decision.

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“I really evaluate that other human being do , and we will constantly have friends that have children that we are close to, however it to be a choice I made an extremely early.”

“I yes, really felt — i feel — that ns would have actually never to be able to have the life I’ve had. And so it’s a choice, and that to be the selection I made.”

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back when Jeffrey and also I to be dating, he created me a letter (which ns still have!). He stated he want to take it me come Paris but maybe prior to we can afford to remain in a hotel, we'll walk camping; then later on we might stay in a hotel; and maybe sooner or later we could afford to have an apartment in Paris. Jeffrey, you've made all my desires come really! #besthubbyever

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Garten says she and Jeffrey never ever felt left the end or looked down on due to the fact that of their decision. She expressed the she missed out on a certain experience, however.

“I think the one thing that we miss is a many people’s friends are the parents of your kids’ friends,” she said. “So, us never had actually that connection with other human being that I view a many of, that network.”

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