In Oedipus Rex, Oedipus killed his father by unknowingly striking him v his staff. He had just went to the oracle at Delphi and was upset through the details he received. When Laius"s driver speak rudely to Oedipus and shoved him, Oedipus lashed the end at the driver. Laius to win Oedipus, and also so Oedipus struck earlier at Laius, not realizing that this old guy was in reality his father.

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The unfortunate Oedipus in Sophocles"s play Oedipus Rex learns much too late that he has actually fulfilled a prophecy made at his birth. He has killed his father and also married his mother. That course, he doesn"t realize the he is doing either deed at the moment he does them.


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The unfortunate Oedipus in Sophocles"s pat Oedipus Rex learns far too late the he has fulfilled a prophecy made in ~ his birth. He has killed his father and married his mother. Of course, the doesn"t realize that he is doing either deed at the time he walk them.

Oedipus has actually been increased by adoptive parental although he doesn"t even suspect it till someone in ~ a feast shouts out, “Thou art not true child of thy sire.” Indeed, the man is right, because that Oedipus"s genuine parents, fearful of the prophecy, cast him out as soon as he was just a newborn. He was discovered by a shepherd and also brought come the world he always knew as his parents. They shot their best to comfort him after the feast, but Oedipus decides the he requirements to understand the truth.

Therefore, Oedipus travels to the oracle at Delphi where he receive “grievous” prophecies that “woes, lamentations, mourning, portents dire.” The old prophecy is reconfirmed, and also Oedipus, highly upset, proceeds top top his journey.

At a crossroads, however, he way a colt-drawn vehicle with a male sitting in it. The man and his servants threaten and abuse Oedipus, and he, in turn, strikes the driver. Together the automobile passes, the man inside hits Oedipus on the head through a “double-pointed goad.” Oedipus immediately retaliates, striking the man in the auto with his staff so hard that the guy flies out and also hits the soil dead. Oedipus then finishes the job and also kills the rest of the party.

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Little walk Oedipus know, though, that the guy in the car is none other than Laius, his an extremely own organic father. V one explode of temper, Oedipus has fulfilled half the devastating prophecy.