Pet bunnies are full of personality. They deserve to be hopping approximately like one energetic toddler or lounging on the couch prefer a retiree with not a treatment in the world. Deciphering fads in behavior, particular noises, or bunny human body language can aid you know what her bunny is feeling or trying to communicate.

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Get to understand your pet bunny by discovering their habits with these tips.


“Binkying” or “Boinking”:

As a method of expressing joy, bunnies frequently dance by leaping right into the air. As countless bunny owners speak to it, a boink, is a sign of excitement. Likewise called a binky, the rabbit periodically gets a running start into their suddenly burst.


Rabbits have a unique method of showing many emotions, and chinning is one of them. Their chin has actually special scent glands top top it, so they mark their region with their chins. Similar to pet cat rubbing against your leg, if her pet rabbit areas their chin on her shoulder or arm, they are claiming you together theirs.



Rabbits will dig v their feet onto your owner’s foot or feet together a method to acquire attention. Castle are frequently looking for a treat or to be petted.


A flop is when your bunny rolls end onto your side. This suggests contentment once bunnies role over and also flop down to relax.

Kicking increase Feet:

Not to be perplexed with a boink or a bink, once bunnies kick your feet increase while dance away, this is a sign of being displeased. It appears that they space kicking dust in their opponent’s confront as a method of expressing your displeasure.


Licking is a way bunnies groom every other. If her bunny licks you, it’s a authorize of affection together you’ll regularly see bag of bunnies grooming each other this way. A rabbit lick is a sign of a bond.


Nudging can either mean one of 2 things: her rabbit is make the efforts to gain past you or odor something and also you’re in your way. Or they are trying to obtain your attention due to the fact that they want a act or to it is in petted. Even if it is an plot of bossiness or fist seeking, her rabbit is trying to acquire your attention.


Sometimes one ignored nudge is followed up through a nip together a means to get attention. They generally don’t median to harm the human with this tiny bite. In various other cases, you can get a nip as soon as you’re in your rabbit’s room and they feel territorial or threatened.


Running Around:

Sometimes bunnies run around at high speed to show their excitement. Together mentioned, the speedy activity is sometimes adhered to by a boink. You could experience this habits when her bunny is around to get a treat.



A grunt or a growl from your bunny signifies fury or stress. This is their warning the they need space.


Excited rabbits will sometimes emit a honking or buzzing noise. This method they room happy or emotion excitement about whatever they space doing.


The just time you’ll hear your bunny scream is if they are in significant pain. They need to be attend to and also brought to the vet immediately if girlfriend hear a scream.

Teeth Grinding:

When a hare grinds your teeth, they are connecting enjoyment. It’s common to listen a purr or teeth grinding once a rabbit is getting petted. Top top the contrary, loud and often teeth grinding mixed with a hunched or it s too dirty posture method they space feeling pain.

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This is a bunny’s means of warning rather they sense danger. A thump noise is made when the bunny hits your hind leg versus the ground to connect to others that they need to “watch out.”

Keep one eye on her bunny’s behavior and an ear out for any kind of noises lock make. This will assist you decode what your pet is feeling and also how to aid them in situation they need your attention. Come learn much more facts about your pets bunny, visit our blog post. And remember to save the right provides for your pet with this complete checklist for your pet bunny.