If friend are in search of Panera Bread Interview concerns you have involved the right place.

We have the right to all agree that interviews space stressful and competition is fierce.

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However, with a little preparation, you can ace the Panera Bread job Interview.

Here we will comment on how to efficiently answer interview questions for Panera Bread.

We will certainly also carry out information on exactly how to dress for a Panera Bread Interview, and also general interview tips.

Panera Bread task Interview inquiries by Role

Tell us about yourself? It’s okay to talk about your hobbies and interests yet keep that brief. Shot and emphasis on related work-related experience. Remember having actually related work experience will put you front of the competition.

2. Why perform you desire to job-related at Panera Bread?

I would prefer to occupational at Panera Bread due to the fact that it go not have actually a fast-food feel. They do a top quality product that i enjoy.Panera Bread is cultivation rapidly and I think there will be opportunities to thrive my career here.

3. Why should I hire you?

Have a 2nd read that the job description and also find theskills and experience required for the position.Next enhance the skills required for the project to your own skillset.Finally, reassure the interviewer you have the right skills.

4. What deserve to you tell us about Panera Bread?

They market a wide range of food items such together freshly small bread, pastries and sweets, bagels and spreads, breakfast favorites, soups, salads, pasta, paninis, sandwiches, flatbreads, Panera kids menu, and also drinks.Customers can order online and also pick up their orders.They have a rewards program dubbed MyPanera.Panera Bread headquarters space in St. Louis Missouri.Panera operates in ~ operates as Saint luigi Bread Company in the Greater St. Louis area, whereby it has actually over 100 locations.The restaurant likewise owns Au Bon Pain.The very first Panera Bread was opened up in 1981.JAB Holding company is the parent firm of Panera Bread.

5. What hours deserve to you work?

Panera Bread opens up early. Panera Bread opens up at 6 a.m. In some locations and closes approximately 9. P.m. When asked what hours can you job-related you desire to be as flexible as possible.

6. What experience carry out you have?

If you have actually other restaurant experience, talk about it.Talk around any cashier experience you may have.Talk about any customer business experience you have.If this is your an initial job, permit them know. State the you have been concentrating on school and also now you space anxious to prove yourself in the workforce.

7. Where carry out you see yourself in 5 years?

8. Exactly how was your attendance in her last job?

Honesty is her best method when answering this concern as the interviewer may check your references. Emphasize the you recognize the prestige of starting your change on time.

9. Why did you leave your last job?

Do not say anything an unfavorable about her previous employerDo no say because that money.The commute was too long.

“I took pleasure in my time at my last job, however, I have actually outgrown mine current role and i am looking for new challenges.”

10. Who space Panera Bread’s competitors?

11. Questions to questioning in a Panera Bread Interview?

Tip! Don’t be fear to ask questions during the interview. Asking concerns is important because it build rapport in between you and also the interviewer.

What carry out you like best around working here? just how would you describe your ideal candidate for this position? What about this position is the many important? how would you measure my success and what could I perform to success in her expectations? Which component of the position has the steepest finding out curve? What deserve to I execute in order to gain up to speed quickly?What methods will I have to learn and grow?

Tell us around your previous work-related experience?

They desire to know just how your related job-related experience matches the experience required to be an hourly associate. Therefore if you have actually experience working in restaurants, retail, with customers or functioning in a team say the first.If this is your an initial job tell castle you have been focusing on school and also now friend are all set to prove yourself in the job-related world.

Why execute you want to it is in an hourly Associate?

I feel I have the right to really learn and grow my job here especially with the rapid success that Panera.I enjoy the product and the company I gain here as a customer and also would it is in proud to stand for them.

Why need to we rental you as an hourly associate?

For this question, you desire to have actually a 2nd read that the job description and find the an abilities they room looking for and also match those an abilities to her own. Listed below is what I uncovered after reading the task description

Must understand and also practice basic food safety and security (skill required: fist to detail)Our client associates know what our customer wants and deliver that — fast, accurate and with familiar service. (skill required: the capability to work under pressure and customer-focused)We hear and sense client needs and keep our manager and fellow team members informed. (skill required: communicationand teamwork)

So when asked this inquiry say

Say girlfriend have fantastic attention come detail and also will constantly practice basic food safety procedures.Mention you job-related well under press which will permit you todeliver fast, accurate and also friendly service.Finally, state you room a team player and also will constantly keep various other team members educated as girlfriend have solid communication skills.

How would you attend to an irate customer

I would remain calm and listen to your complaints.If it was a precious complaint, I would certainly apologize tothe customer and see if I have the right to replace the product or resolve the problem they to be upset with.

Why do you desire to be a cashier?

Say you feeling you have great communication skills and will gain working with customers.Say you reap working as a team and also are a good team player.State girlfriend pay great attention to detail and also will take good pride in every facet of your work.

Why have to I hire you as a cashier?

To price this question properly you have to appear much better than the rest of the competition.

If you have actually experience in food company or retail currently is the moment to mention it.Mention if you have a food safety and security certificate.Great communication an abilities and exactly how you used them in her last job.Say you room a rapid learner and will not have any issue finding out the Panera menu.

How perform you feel about standing on your feet for lengthy periods of time?

Most work in restaurants will require you to job-related on your feet for long periods of time. If possible tell the interviewer you carry out not have a trouble with this. Try to wear comfortable, well-fitting shoes through a low heel, maintain an excellent posture, and stay hydrated.

How would you define excellent customer service?

The client is not waiting lengthy for their order.Customers receive friendly service.The restaurant is clean both inside and outside.The product is made come order.

Are you good at math?

If you are applying for one hourly associate then they will probably want you to occupational the cashier. You simply need to be able to do simple addition and also subtraction, for this reason if you room comfortable v this, say that you are good at math.PANERA BREAD INTERVIEW ATTIRE?

Dress organization casually if you space interviewing for an entry-level position. Execute not wear shorts and also avoid put on jeans.

Dress formally or business casual if you are interviewing because that a management position.Blazers and dark trousers are a for sure choice, and also wrap costume for females. Stop sportswear clothes.

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Blue tells employers the you’re credible and trustworthy.Black reflects leadershipand is good if she going because that a an elderly position.Red sends a blog post that you assertive and works fine in areas like sales.Orange is reportedly theworstcolor to wear for a task interview, with it being connected to unprofessionalism.
Arrive 10 minute early.Don’t speak too rapid as you will sound nervous.Don’t speak too slow as you will certainly sound boring.Turn off her smartphone.Make good eye contact throughout the interview.SECOND INTERVIEW at PANERA BREAD
If you have actually a second interview at Panera Bread it is an ext than likely to be through someone hire-up. Examine the questions over and friend will do fine.See Also