Why carry out we speak to it Christmas?

Christmas is my family’s favourite holiday.

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by October, we are all set to put up the tree, decorate, clock Christmas movies, begin Advent, watch my husband battle with the lights and also everything in between! also though we gain these things, because that my family, Christmas is about our Lord and also Savior.

We take it this time to reflect ~ above the real meaning of Christmas. Girlfriend won’t uncover decorations that say “Happy Holidays.” My children won’t discover presents covering under the tree with a tag that claims “From Santa.” us pay homage come Saint Nicholas by placing candy in their shoes inserted on the steps.

My kids receive 3 presents every Christmas to represent the three gifts given to baby Jesus. Having said that, us are constantly looking for brand-new ways to lug attention come the TRUE meaning of Christmas because that them. A couple of years earlier we were blessed come watch some of the “What’s in the scriptures Series?” The entire collection is fabulous! A pair of weeks ago I was asked to review their Christmas DVD called, “Why perform We speak to It Christmas?”

Here is what amazon says:

Buck Denver Asks….Why execute We contact it Christmas?You’re invite to the Party of the year…an educational, informational, Christmical kind-of party! join VeggieTales and also What’s in the Bible? creator Phil Vischer and his friends from the renowned What’s in the Bible? series Buck Denver, Captain Pete, Sunday institution Lady, Clive and Ian because that the many unusual Christmas party ever! We know Christmas is just one of everyone’s favourite holidays.

But have actually you ever before wondered why us celebrate the birth of Jesus by chopping under trees and also putting lock in ours houses? Or why us hang stockings by the fire? Or how Santa Claus came to be such a big part of Jesus’ birthday party? and also why execute we even speak to it “Christmas,” anyway? You’ve most likely heard the Christmas story – but have you ever before heard the story the Christmas?

Come explore….

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• Why is it referred to as “Christmas?”• Why perform we celebrate on Dec. 25th?• What year to be Jesus yes, really born?• What carry out Christmas trees have to do through Jesus?• What around Santa Claus? whereby did the come from?• which came an initial – Christmas or Hanukkah? and which one did Jesus celebrate?• What are the “12 work of Christmas?”• how does the surname “Emmanuel” explain the real definition of Christmas?

As us sat and also watched this DVD, not only did the youngsters learn and also enjoy it, but I go too! my husband likewise enjoys the “What’s in the Bible?” DVDs! because that those who don’t know, he is attending seminary, so one thing that is extremely crucial to our household is making sure that videos that are around the bible are in reality Biblically sound. Well, I deserve to tell you that I have never found anything questionable in the videos and also we are SUPER picky!

I have met many like my family who do not execute Santa Claus. In “Why carry out We call It Christmas?,” what is presented is the true story around St Nicholas and also how the “Santa” story come about. We have shared this with our kids outside of this DVD many times! In fact, also though we do not personally do “Santa,” we perform St Nicholas job on December the 6th! ns really love exactly how the story was presented for kids in this DVD. It was also really sensitive to those who do not perform Santa together well. Prefer I said, we room picky! 🙂

I likewise enjoyed just how this DVD described Hanukkah! We together a family members have additionally celebrated Biblical holidays as component of ours homeschool. In fact, numerous years us have set out the menorah that ns have and also did the Festival of Lights during Hanukkah!

The means that the is presented in “Why do we speak to it Christmas?” is clues on Biblical! The kids were therefore excited come see exactly how something castle had disputed with Mom and also Dad was presented in this story! My earliest is an extremely picky about Bible doctrine. Although he is just 10, he can really pick something personally if that isn’t accurate! He love this together well! The story gave solid scripture referrals so that kids could uncover the scripture verses in their Bible


(My oldest last year v his Dad helping light the Menorah for our Hanukkah study)

Last year i did a post around the 12 days of Christmas. ns LOVE just how this was a way to re-superstructure the gospel in a time whereby Christians were persecuted. Mine boys thought this ar was an excellent because lock not only studied it, castle were also able to watch it in this DVD!

I honestly could write on and on around this DVD and how educational and Biblical that is. I cannot to speak enough about it. I think this is a an excellent DVD to very own for a children’s ministry, homeschool, or anyone who worths sharing the TRUE definition of Christmas v their kids!

I to be so blessed to have been a component of this review. I provide it a 6/5 since we LOVE it!