The trees have been bare for some time, and while the job are already getting longer, the mercury is continuing to be persistently low. Winter is here and also it"s exactly the ideal time to do ourselves wonderfully cozy within ours own 4 walls. Yet while many of us in this parts deserve to enjoy a fully-heated apartment, in Japan, many world have come make execute without a boil bathroom. It sound harmless, back unpleasant, however it have the right to be fatal!

Anyone currently thinking this should be a couple of isolated cases would be wrong. According to research study from the City of Tokyo, approximately 10,000 world die each year in clanking, cold toilets in the floor of the increasing sun.

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This is due to the fact that in Japan, main heating is not specifically widespread, and there is generally poor insulation for the different rooms whereby toilets are located. In some cases, this leads to excessive temperature differences in between individual rooms. Together a consequence, over there are rapid rises in pulse and blood pressure, which drastically increases the risk of heart failure.

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To prevent these tragic deaths in future, the Japanese wellness Ministry is running substantial information and also prevention campaign, yet the tips they administer could also be applied elsewhere. There space still part houses and also apartments heated using stoves, which leads to big differences in temperature:


1. Fan Heater

As currently mentioned, cold bathrooms and also toilets space not a rarity in Japan due to a lack of heating. Therefore, the Japanese authorities recommend citizens to location a tiny fan heater in the affected room, in order come maintain consistent comfortable temperatures.


2. Curtains

In order to better protect the bathroom indigenous the cold, it additionally makes feeling to cave the heaviest curtains possible over the windows. This will certainly make the bathroom remarkable warmer, without you having use added energy. Try this pointer yourself and watch your energy expenses decrease!


3. Bowel Movements

Furthermore, you need to take care to have actually a healthy, high-fiber diet, in order come prevent possible constipation. The reason for this advice is relatively simple: trying to squeeze out a stubborn number two deserve to itself increase your blood pressure, which deserve to have dramatic consequences, specifically for larger or weaker people. If the toilet is generally colder, then regular, much more healthy bowel movements come to be even much more important!


Although this problem may seem a little strange come us, and might no be something you encounter at home, it still makes sense come be conscious of the possible dangers the a cold toilet — even if just as preparation for a holiday in Japan.

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However let"s no think around it just now... Quick! ago under the heat blankets!