Oral contraceptives use hormones to protect against pregnancy. Progestin-only pills have actually only the hormone progestin. They carry out not have actually estrogen in them.

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Birth control pills assist keep girlfriend from gaining pregnant. The pills with just progestin come in 28-day packs. Every pill is active. Each has only progestin and no estrogen. These types of birth regulate pills often are used for females who have medical factors that stop them from acquisition a combination oral contraceptive pill (pills the contain progestin and also estrogen). Several of the factors to take progestin-only birth manage pills include:

History the migraine headachesCurrently breastfeedingHistory that blood clots

Progestin-only pills are very effective if bring away correctly.

Progestin-only pills work by making your mucus as well thick for sperm to relocate through.

You may start acquisition these pills any type of time in her menstrual cycle.

Protection indigenous pregnancy begins after 2 days. If you have actually sex within the very first 48 hrs after your an initial pill, use one more birth control technique (condom, diaphragm, or sponge). This is called back-up birth control.

You need to take the progestin-only pill in ~ the very same time every day.

Never miss out on a job of acquisition your pills.

When you have 2 packs of pills left, contact your health care provider for an meeting to obtain a refill. The job after you finish a load of pills you must start a brand-new pack.

With this pills you may:

Not gain periodsBleed a bit on and also off with the monthGet your period in the fourth week

If you execute not take it the progestin pill ~ above time, your mucus will start to thin and you could come to be pregnant.

When you realize you missed her pill, take it it as shortly as possible. If it is 3 hours or more since it was due, usage a backup birth control an approach for the next 48 hrs after acquisition the last pill. Then take your next pill in ~ the usual time. If you had actually sex in the critical 3 come 5 days, take into consideration asking your provider for emergency contraception. If friend have any type of questions or concerns, contact your provider.

If you vomit after you take a pill, take one more pill as quickly as possible, and use a backup birth control an approach for the following 48 hours.

You may decide to protect against taking birth regulate pills due to the fact that you want to gain pregnant or you desire to change to another birth regulate method. Below are some things to expect once you protect against taking the pill:

You should gain your period 4 come 6 weeks after you take her last pill. If you perform not obtain your duration in 8 weeks, call your provider.Your duration may be more heavier or lighter 보다 usual.You may have mild spotting of blood before you gain your very first period.You might end up being pregnant best away.

Use a backup technique of bear control, such together a condom, diaphragm, or sponge, if:

You take a pill 3 hours or much more after it to be due.You miss 1 or an ext pills.You space sick, throw up, or have loose stools (diarrhea). Even if girlfriend take her pill, your body might not absorb it. Use a backup an approach of birth control, and also call her provider.You are taking one more medicine that might prevent the pill indigenous working. Tell your provider or pharmacist if you take any type of other medicines, such as antibiotics, seizure medicine, medication to law HIV, or St. John"s wort. Find out if what you take will certainly interfere with how well the pill works.

Call your provider if:

You have swelling in her leg.You have actually leg pain.Your leg feels warmth to the touch or has transforms in skin color.You have actually fever or chills.You are short of breath and also it is tough to breathe.You have actually chest pain.You cough up blood.

Mini-pill; The pill - progestin; oral contraceptives - progestin; OCP - progestin; Contraception - progestin; BCP - progestin

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