Naruto: 15 points You no Know about Gaara Naruto has sold 220 million manga worldwide, developing memorable personalities like Gaara. Find how Gaara overcomes tragedy to end up being a fan favorite.

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The Naruto franchise is just one of most renowned mangas in the world, offering over 220 million copies since 1999. Much of that success originates from creator Masashi Kishimoto’s capability to incorporate a fictional people full of great ninja fighting with relatable characters who have actually experienced tragedy and also loss.

Gaara is one such character, earning instant popularity indigenous Naruto fans due to the fact that of his power and also heartbreaking childhood. The would first appear as an insane and also sadistic angry character that was the silver paper to the series" protagonist, Naruto Uzumaki.

Gaara’s motto started off as “love for oneself” (自愛, jiai). He defines this to Naruto by saying: “I am a relic they want to get rid of, so why execute I exist and also live? In order to exist, you need a purpose. Come exist because that no factor is the very same as being dead… then I came to the conclusion the I would certainly love only myself and fight for only myself.”

In one of the biggest redemption arcs the the series, Naruto would help Gaara to change the way he perceived life ─ leading him to it is adapted the mottos that “affection” (慈愛) and also “future” (未来) instead.

In honor of the Naruto anime airing because that the an initial time in Japan 15 year ago, here are the 15 points You Didn’t recognize About Naruto"s Gaara.


Gaara’s father Rasa (the fourth Kazekage) to be a devilish man and a questionable leader. Rasa was encountering mounting pressure from the Suna Council concerning Gaara no being maybe to control Shukaku (the one-tailed beast Rasa declared to be placed in his son).

In an insane effort to teach Gaara around pain and love, Rasa order Yashamaru (Garra’s caretaker and also uncle) to secretly assault Gaara together a test end his manage of Shukaku.

Despite Gaara being only six year old, Yashamaru did together ordered yet was beat by him. Overwhelmed through grief by Yashamaru’s final actions and words, Gaara transformed into Shukaku and also attacked Suna.

While Rasa stopped the attack upon Suna through his yellow Dust, he realized he would never fully control Gaara, and also ordered assassins come take the end his six-year-old son rather of perfect the job himself.

Rasa didn’t treatment who lived and also died as lengthy as Suna didn’t become obsolete.

14 The prize On His Forehead stands for Love

Gaara carved the price on his forehead adhering to the assault from Yashamaru come emphasize self-love, yet it actually had actually a duel an interpretation behind it.

As a child, Gaara wanted the villagers of Suna to expropriate him in spite of their fears of him gift a jinchūriki. He frequently was sort to the villagers and offered aid towards them, but would inadvertently hurt them due to the fact that of his absence of control over Shukaku. Gaara would certainly accept self-love together his fate, till meeting Naruto

Shukaku"s previous jinchūriki had actually prophesied that someone would display him the overall an interpretation of the tattoos top top his very own hands. These to be "accept" (受, ukeru) and "heart" (心, kokoro). Gaara"s tattoo, "love" (愛, ai), is a combination of these 2 kanji.

The symbol of love would then come to be a reminder of what that was, and who he to be truly meant to be.

Yashamaru shared many features with his older sister Karura, regularly looking identical to she in appearance. His fair skin, violet eyes, and blond hair provided him a much more feminine look that supposedly left some confused as to his original gender.

Despite being created as a male character, miscellaneous versions changed his character to a female. In the Brazilian, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, and Portuguese execution of the Naruto manga, Yashamaru became a mrs character. The trend didn’t prevent with the manga as referred to as versions of the anime provided a female voice to companion his character.

Does this median Yashamaru is in reality his aunt and not his uncle? Well, that depends on whereby you live in the world. According to Masashi Kishimoto as the creator that Naruto, he’s Gaara’s uncle.

12 He endured From Insomnia

one of the contributing components towards Gaara’s at an early stage madness to be his inability to sleep. Shukaku would speak come Gaara in his head, informing him that if that slept, he would take over his human body fully. Gaara battled sleep because that 12 years before Shukaku to be extracted indigenous him.

During this time Gaara learned to stay awake together he pleased, gaining control over the insomnia that used to haunt him. Following Shukaku’s extraction, numerous Naruto fans wondered why that still had the dark rings roughly his eyes. Was Gaara quiet an insomniac?

While never ever being addressed in cannon, the rings might have naught to execute with him enduring from insomnia. Both Rasa and Kankurō (Gaara’s brother) have actually rings around their eyes, definition it can be hereditary or a part of the Kazekage Clan culture.

In 2014 the Jin no Sho (fourth Naruto databook) was released and also would function an interview through Masashi Kishimoto about the development Gaara and the various adaptations he went with before becoming the character us know and love today.

Kishimoto defines in this interview the Gaara had actually several earrings during his early stage design and also was also presented that means in the beforehand manga.

He likewise explained that the initial style was an overwhelming to draw on a regular basis. V the character arc the Gaara becoming one the Kishimoto want to increase upon, he adjusted his style and removed the earrings to make it less complicated for him come draw.

Later adaptations would include Gaara having actually an outfit with a high collar i m sorry Kishimoto explains was an affect from among his favorite movies, The Matrix.

10 He passed away When Shukaku was Extracted

once a tail beast (bijū) is extract from your Jinchuuriki ─ castle die. Over there is no other way around it that has ever before been gift in Naruto. Gaara is still alive today because he was resurrected through Chiyo, that happens to be the one who put Shukaku in him originally under orders indigenous Rasa.

This has actually led come a bunch of confusion among Naruto fans because Gaara still has actually the powers he did as soon as Shukaku to be one with him. When never explained in the timeline, one deserve to assume the Gaara still has his sand powers because he learned how to control and also own them during the prolonged time Shukaku was an unified with him.

Ironically, Gaara becomes much more powerful over time after Shukaku was extracted i m sorry is displayed when that defeats and seals the second Mizukage in the world War arc.

In part one that the Naruto story that told that Gaara was trained from infancy together a weapon because that Suna. Thus he never had actually a regular childhood and was compelled to become stronger than other kids his age. Having actually assassins trying to kill him at six only strengthened him, which permitted him to later on take top top B-rank objectives with ease.

Gaara would continue to excel throughout this younger work in the Chūnin Exams wherein he would collection a course record the forest of fatality while never ever receiving a single scratch.

He has actually completed 34 objectives which encompass 0 D-rank, 9 C-rank, 8 B-rank, 14 A-rank, and also 3 S-rank. His stats in the data book show him through a full of 29 points the end of a possible 40.

8 His absolute Defense Protects Him because Of His Mother

it was thought for a lengthy time the Gaara’s use of his pure defense (絶対防御, Zettai Bōgyo) was from Shukaku. Even Gaara believed it in ~ one point because that Yashamaru’s lies the he told him before committing suicide.

It would be later on proven the it’s his mother’s will that moves the sand to safeguard him. After having actually Shukaku extract from Gaara, fans assumed they wouldn’t view his absolute defense anymore. This was likewise proven to it is in incorrect.

Following the Fourth great Shinobi War, Gaara learns how to incorporate various other abilities into his absolute defense including Wind Release and also his kekkei genkai right into his shields. Gaara mixes metal particles right into his Shield the Sand which permitted him to guard versus jutsu supplied to manipulate his sand"s weaknesses.

Somewhere in between the age of 14 and also 15, Gaara would end up being Suna"s fifth Kazekage (五代目風影, Godaime Kazekage, an interpretation Fifth Wind Shadow). Gaara was extremely powerful at a young age, yet that is just a part of the factor of why he came to be Kazekage.

After losing to Naruto, Gaara realized the his way of thinking and living to be flawed. Naruto motivated Gaara in the direction of wanting to come to be Kazekage. Quickly after their battle, Rasa would certainly die after being betrayed by Orochimaru.

After the defeat of Orochimaru, Konoha and also Suna would end up being allies. Gaara’s newfound friendship v Naruto allowed these 2 villages to work together in a healthy means while offering Suna purpose and also strength in the community.

The Suna council additionally wanted to save the Kazekage bloodline together the chair of power, choosing Gaara end his siblings due to the fact that of the manage he had now over Shukaku.

6 His character Prototype Was supposed To it is in A medicine Addict

Masashi Kishimoto revealed in one interview found in the Jin no Sho the Gaara had actually originally to be a much various character 보다 the one we recognize today. According to Kishimoto that was “an elite 7-year-old ninja called Kumomaru (雲丸), who would have actually abused drugs to press his physical capabilities past their herbal limits.”

He was additionally supposed to have a ninken called Manji (まんじ), which might have to be a means of honoring Hiroaki Samura"s Blade of the Immortal. Manji to be a tiny dog who taken place to have actually dark markings about his eyes (which had nothing to do with insomnia), in addition to the Kanji for Manji (卍) tattooed upon his forehead.

His surname then ended up being Kotarō (小太郎), ~ Fūma Kotarō, however Kishimoto’s editor didn’t favor it and also suggested using Gaara (我愛羅) instead.

Gaara’s score totals follow to the databooks in Taijutsu to be a 1 the end of a possible 5 for part One that Naruto and only increased to a 2 in future part’s. Because of his sand powers, which he came to be adapt at during his youth, Gaara learned to battle without gaining close to his opponents.

He additionally has huge reserves of solid chakra, i beg your pardon didn’t walk away ~ the exploit of Shukaku. This enables him to usage his powers in ways that other ninja can’t, because of the fear of depleting their chakra.

Not obtaining close to his adversaries during battle was also a survival technique he learned at a young age. Even after becoming the 5th Kazekage, Gaara would continue to avoid close contact when possible.

4 he’s The Adoptive father Of Shinki 

The Kazekage lineage is essential to the Suna council. Every child born right into the bloodline was supposed to marry in bespeak to create an heir. Gaara however, had no intentions that being through anyone. The the supervisory board knew that if he to be to die, climate Konohagakure’s Shikadai Nara might take control.

When or exactly how Gaara meets Shinki has yet to be disputed in Boruto, but if Boruto complies with the Naruto way, fine hopefully gain a remind explaining everything.

What we do know is that Shinki has an observant eye, have the right to use Magnet relax kekkei genkai to manage Iron Sand, and also can develop a sand communication attached come his cloak.

Apparently the Suna council has welcomed Shinki as an heritage if Garra was to die, and he is noted as a shinobi of Sunagakure"s Kazekage clan.

during the preliminary rounds of the Chūnin Exams, Gaara was matched come fight rock Lee. Approximately this allude of the exams, Gaara has yet to even break a sweat or obtain nicked once because of his abilities. Rock Lee was recognized for gift fast, however during the start of the fight, Gaara"s Shield the Sand showed to be faster.

Might guy then tells rock Lee to take off his ankle weights, understanding it would rise his speed. Rock Lee surprises Gaara when he stays clear of the Shield the Sand and lands the first punch ever before to come in call with him.

Gaara would wind the battle, however it would ironically cause his next fight with Sasuke Uchiha in which Sasuke would use comparable speed methods while injuring Gaara for the first time ever.

2 he Calls His Younger experience In Life "Gaara of the Sand Waterfall"

There’s tiny doubt amongst Naruto fans the Gaara was a sadistic individual in his youth, propelled by a mad blood lust and killing anyone who crossed his path. It would certainly be throughout this time the would come to be known together Gaara of the Sand Waterfall (砂瀑の我愛羅, Garra the the Dessert).

After his loss at the hand of Naruto, Gaara realized the his method of thinking which caused this mad habits was wrong and also that he required to change.

When mentioning the previous he would often refer to himself in third person together Gaara the the Sand Waterfall, allowing others to see that the Gaara standing before them was no the same human he was in his youth.

Fans often connected Gaara through being a sociopath when he to be younger. Ironically, introduce to one me in 3rd person can be thought about a symptom of the disorder.

Gaara’s surname does mean self-loving demon, however it can likewise be translated to mean self-loving silk. Exactly how is this possible? The critical syllable Ra or 羅, was taken from an abbreviation that Ashura to do it literally median demon.

Ra however, can likewise be analyzed to typical a form of towel or silk. Can the duel name interpretation have been intentional? more than likely not, together Kishimoto would later on disclose the name Gaara was said to that by his editor. He would later discover out the the editor had actually based the surname Gaara off a surname of a ski resort.

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Ra being interpreted to fabric actually fits Gaara’s character because his mom protects him with the sand to type his absolute Defense, much like a mommy protects a newborn by swaddling them in a blanket.


Can friend think of any other exciting facts about Naruto"s Gaara? let us understand in the comments!