It is occasionally said the Jesus was killed on account that his inclusion and tolerance, the the Jews hated him because that hanging out with sinners and also tax collectors. This is the type of sentiment which has a little of truth to it, yet only a tiny bit. No doubt, Jesus upset countless of the Jewish leaders because he extended fellowship and mercy beyond their constricted boundaries. Yet it is misleading to imply that Jesus to be hated for simply being also doggone loving, as if his inspiring tolerance were the reason of his enemies’ implacable intolerance.

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Take Mark’s Gospel, for example (because it’s the one Gospel I’ve taught all the method through). By mine reckoning, Jesus is opposed when for eating with sinners (2:16), once for upsetting stereotypes around him in his hometown (6:3), a few times for violating Jewish scruples about the regulation (2:24; 3:6; 7:5); and several times because that “blaspheming” or because that claiming too much authority for himself (2:7; 3:22; 11:27-28; 14:53-64; 15:29-32, 39). Together Mark’s Gospel unfolds, we view the Jewish leaders significantly hostile towards Jesus. Back the are afraid of the crowds continues to be their hand for awhile, lock still shot to catch Jesus and plot his damage (8:11; 11:18; 12:12; 12:13; 14:1: 15:3, 11). There is a many the Jewish leaders don’t like about Jesus, however their most intense, murderous rage is directed towards him because he trust “I am , and you will see the boy of guy seated in ~ the appropriate hand the Power, and coming with the clouds the heaven” (14:62).

The 4 Gospels, as we can expect, emphasize different aspects of the Jewish opposition. Luke, because that instance, makes much more of Jesus’ identification v the society’s cast-offs as an issue for the Jewish leaders, while john makes an ext of Jesus’ unique status together God’s equal. But the an easy outline is consistent in all 4 accounts. Together Jesus’s reputation as a healer and miracle worker spreads, the crowds pertained to him in larger and also larger numbers, prompting the elite to despise him an ext and more. Together a general rule, Jesus was renowned with the masses (the exemption being in his hometown the Nazareth), and also as his popularity boosted with the crowds, so did the opposition from the Jewish leaders.

The Jewish leaders disliked, and also eventually thrived to hate, Jesus for numerous reasons. Mark 15:3 says the chief priests “accused the of numerous things.” They were angry through him because that upsetting their traditions and some of your scruples around the law. Lock looked down on him for eating through sinners and associating through those deemed unclean or unworthy. Yet most the all, they hated Jesus since he claimed to it is in from God, and also as time walk on, dared to make himself equal to God.

That’s why they hated him; that’s why the crowds rotate on him; that’s why Jesus was placed to death. The Jewish leaders can not acknowledge Christ’s divine authority and identity. Jealousy to be no doubt component of the (Matt. 27:18). But deeper than that, they simply did not have actually the eye to see or the belief to believe that Jesus to be the Christ, the boy of the life God. It is why in all four gospels, as soon as the opposition against him will its climax, Jesus is no charged with being too welcoming come outsiders, yet with gift a false king, a false prophet, and a false Messiah (Matt. 26:57-68; note 14:53-65; Luke 22:66-71; and less plainly in john 18:9-24). They eliminated Jesus due to the fact that they believed he to be a blasphemer.

In the end, it was the implicit and explicit claims Jesus made come authority, Messiahship, and also God-ness, no his expansive love, that at some point did that in. This is not an excuse because that our very own hard-heartedness or a reason to distance ourselves native today’s “sinners and also tax collectors.” We require Jesus’s example to set us straight. Yet we need to put to rest the half-truth (more favor a one-eighth truth, really) the Jesus was killed for being as well inclusive and too nice. The Jewish leaders may have objected to Jesus’s far-reaching compassion, yet they want him dead because he believed himself the Christ, the child of the life God. If Jesus simply loved world too lot he can have to be ridiculed through some. However without his insurance claims to deity, authority, and also the fulfillment of Old testimony prophecy, he most likely would not have been executed.

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So as we approach an additional Holy Week, let’s certainly talk about the compassion and also love that Jesus (how can we not!). Yet if we don’t talk around his unique identity as the boy of God, we have not explained the factor for his death, and we have not given human being reason enough to worship.