Hannah Montana fans recognize Mitchel Musso together the cheese-jerky-creating, "fricky fricky fresh" Oliver Oken. Yet after moving on to other Disney projects favor Phineas and also Ferb and Hatching Pete, Musso has been fairly absent from the public eye in recent years. So, why hasn"t Musso adhered to his co-stars Miley Cyrus and also Emily Osment to more success? The price is twofold.

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First, Musso was charged with a DUI in 2011, i beg your pardon reportedly led to him losing his duty on the Disney XD sitcom Pair of Kings. Second, there were a pair of years when Musso gone after his music career, rather than new acting projects — and also the ones that did pursue didn"t get good reviews.

Still, Musso"s exhilaration career can hit a brand-new stride after the pandemic. The actor is collection to star together Wizards of Waverly Place actor Jake T. Austin in the upcoming crime drama The Rise. There"s not lot information about the display yet, however it can revitalize Musso"s ar in the TV landscape.

Here"s what fans need to know about Musso"s DUI and what he"s done due to the fact that Hannah Montana.

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Like so plenty of other Disney stars, Mitchel Musso faced trouble with the regulation after coming to be a family members name. In October 2011, Musso to be charged v two counts that drunk driving, according to TMZ.

"In ending up being an adult, I have learned firsthand that stepping up and also taking obligation is the best means to move forward," Musso told E! News in February 2012, introduce to the DUI incident. "I am especially thankful to my family and also fans for your unwavering support and encouragement. Ns am happy to currently put this in the past." according to the outlet, Musso was "sentenced come 36 months of not blocked probation," in addition to a fine and a necessity to to visit "alcohol education and learning classes."

While Musso continued to job-related as a voice gibbs on Phineas and also Ferb after the DUI, his other IMDb entries after ~ the event are sparse. (He also hasn"t released any type of musical singles because 2012"s "Replaceable.")

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While Emily Osment walk on come star in Freeform"s Young & Hungry for five seasons after ~ Hannah Montana, Mitchel Musso never found the same level the success as his on-screen love interest. As well as Phineas and Ferb, Musso"s various other acting ventures didn"t acquire much attention from fans or critics.

In the R-rated Sins of our Youth, Musso play Scott, one of four teens who accidentally shoot a younger boy in one ill-advised prank unable to do wrong. The movie only has a 43% audience score rating ~ above Rotten Tomatoes, which isn"t a promise sign. Musso also played Mitch in 2015"s The Sand, which has actually a 40% rating top top the Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer and an even worse 21% audience rating. Musso also starred in 2016"s Characterz and 2018"s Bachelor Lions, neither of which have scores ~ above Rotten Tomatoes. Yet none that the films were runaway successes because that the actor.

As for his views on the role that made that famous, Musso has at least one bone to pick with Disney. In 2017, Musso tweeted about the outfits Oliver wore on Hannah Montana. He"s no wrong that they were... A little odd, but so were the garments his co-stars wore — Miley Cyrus wore a lot the questionable boot formats on the show.

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Musso has additionally faded from the public eye, having not tweeted or posted on Instagram due to the fact that 2018. However if he provides an acting comeback, fans will be ready.