I'm pretty sure Rosenbaum and also Kreuk decided to leave to explore other opportunities.

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I think Schneider's characters death was essential for Clark to become the male he was supposed to be.

Not sure if Kara's character just didn't jive well on the display or if there is an additional reason.

ANyone have any insight??


I think in the beforehand years no one believed the display would walk to ten seasons. It is pretty rare for a show.

I’m sure they wouldn’t have killed turn off Pa Kent in season 5 if castle knew lock were just at the halfway point. They more than likely thought they had actually a season or two left during season five.

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As far as Kara that probably had something to do with Gough and Miller (the initial creators of the show) leaving abruptly in ~ the end of season 7 as result of getting melted financially native the studio. They civilization who took end likely had actually to scramble or didn’t choose the Kara personality themselves.

Schneider didn’t desire to leave, he love the duty with every his heart. He is a substantial fan the Superman too, that actually claimed that he had actually to struggle to get the role because that learned around the casting too late. Pa Kent always dies once Supes is in his late teens so they did precisely that. It WAS crucial for him to die because no matter just how much this present disrespects the canonical Superman, Pa Kent’s death is practically always a break point. Together I said, man is a large Supes fan himself so i don’t think he would certainly have had it any other method but he to be surprised at how early on it happened. Ns don’t think they’d death him off that at an early stage if castle knew just how long the show is actually gonna it is in tho

Laura leaving wasn’t precisely her an option too, she loved the duty and she almost got a spin-off. Idk why they wrote her turn off exactly however she was disappointed due to the fact that Kara didn’t gain to say her goodbyes come Clark directly

Yep, both Kristin and Michael basically kinda hated their duties by season 7-8. Michael felt like he would certainly never accomplish his potential (and he yes, really is a great actor) and also would be stuck being Lex Luthor all his life. Oh, he was likewise sick of shaving his head lol. Ns guess Kristin additionally knew just how sick everybody to be of Lana at that point, but the directors wouldn’t let Lana’s stroked nerves ass go since they love Kristin too lot (I average how can you not). Castle left and also she left. She no really like the plot too, saying the she “doesn’t rewatch the show and didn’t see seasons 8-10 due to the fact that the story finished for her. She would most likely watch lock on dvd some time later if she feel prefer it”