JIM ROOT: COREY TAYLOR and I 'Would Have ended Up Killing each Other' If I stayed In stone SOUR

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Jim Root states that he and Corey Taylor would have finished up death each other if he had stayed in STONE SOUR.

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Root was dismissed from STONE SOUR at the end of 2013 — also as he and Taylor were working with each other on a brand-new SLIPKNOT album.

In the latest concern of metal Hammer, which attributes SLIPKNOT top top the cover, Root says his relationship with Taylor is much better than that was when he remained in STONE SOUR.

Root says: "Corey and I are lot closer now. It"s the finest thing, me leaving STONE SOUR. We would have just finished up killing every other and driving each various other crazy. I can"t spread myself the thin. I essential it, this band needed it and STONE SOUR absolutely needed it. I simply didn"t have actually the time to commit the I"d have actually liked. Ns think lock were exhausted of mine shitty attitude, that"s for sure."

Root did no speak kindly of STONE SOUR in interviews after ~ he was fired, saying: "Some the the males in STONE SOUR, i think they just want to it is in a radio band and also write strictly for radio and try to be an ext of a poppy rock band. And that"s no really what I"m into. There"s at the very least one man in the band that"s only concerned around money. Ns really have actually no desire to combine with civilization like the anymore."

Root played on the very first five STONE SOUR studio records, consisting of 2010"s "Audio Secrecy" and also the twin concept album "House Of gold & Bones".

Back in 2014, Root asserted that he was fired end the phone, i beg your pardon he believed "was quite lame." He likewise told Revolver magazine the "it ended up being apparent" near the finish of the album cycle because that "House Of gold & Bones" the "it had basically operation its course. Yet the band maintained pushing for an ext dates, and I to be just, like, "It"s time to stop.""

Root called The Pulse that Radio once he first revealed the he to be sitting out a STONE SOUR tourism — prior to it to be announced that he was let go — that he was already dealing with a most stress juggling the two bands. "You know, regrettably I"m just one person," the said. "I can"t really be in two areas at one time and the quantity of focus that I must put right into SLIPKNOT makes it really an overwhelming for me to it is in on tour v STONE SOUR. It"s crushing and also it"s heartbreaking and I yes, really don"t choose the idea of no being out there, however I don"t really see any type of other way to really carry out it."

Root stated that he was dismissed from STONE SOUR in November 2013, revealing, "I to be mad since STONE SOUR wanted to go carry out a tour and they didn"t desire me to be a component of it. So I had actually a small anger, and I had actually a little bit the depression. Ns was type of hurt. Yet at the exact same time, it was most likely all because that the better, due to the fact that I wasn"t yes, really happy in the band anymore."

At the time, Taylor handle the issue as well, saying, "It was difficult, at first. It put a strain between he and also I for a tiny bit. That was among those points where the timing just sucked. Yet at the very same time, us knew that, on both sides, we’ve gotta do what we’ve gotta do."

Four year ago, STONE SOUR called guitarist Christian Martucci together the irreversible replacement for Root. Martucci to be recruited to play on the band"s at an early stage 2014 tour tour and also was confirmed as a irreversible member in march 2015 in a Facebook post.

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