Paige Dunham network worth: Paige Dunham is one American movie producer, businesswoman, and advocate because that divorced ladies who has actually a net worth that $20 million. She is known for having been married to comedian and also ventriloquist Jeff Dunham. She aided him compose material, pitch present ideas, and ran his merchandise.

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Early Life: Paige Dunham was born in Savannah, Georgia on march 13, 1968. She was elevated on Amelia Island, Florida. Her family ran a dance school and she grew up dancing in ~ the studio. Her family moved to West Palm Beach, Florida as soon as she to be a teenager and she finished her last 2 years of high school there. Paige majored in business at Clemson university in south Carolina.

Career: When Paige married Jeff in 1994, she immediately got affiliated in his career. That same year she began the database for Jeff"s digital fan club. Paige"s work, and especially the database to be a big help in Jeff"s success for finest Male wake up Comic in ~ the 1997 American Comedy Awards. Paige also wrote newsletters, created and managed Jeff Dunham merchandise, and started one online store for the merchandise. In 1999 she released Brasma Publications, hired an illustrator, and also published a publication by Dunham about one the his many beloved personalities called "Dear Walter…" in 2003. She started the Jeff and also Paige Dunham foundation in 2006. The foundation takes $1.00 native every ticket marketed at a Jeff Dunham show and uses that to advantage people in need. Additionally, she sold meet and also greets because that fans in ~ Jeff"s shows and also auctioned memorabilia on eBay. The proceeds of both that those benefitted the foundation. In 2006, the Dunhams presented a inspect for $35,000 come the Ronald McDonald house of Houston to benefit Hurrican Katrina relief. After Paige and also Jeff divorced, she rebranded the structure the Paige Dunham Foundation. She operation it come this day.

Paige executive developed the films "The face of Love in 2013" and "Last job in the Desert" in 2015.

Personal Life: Paige moved ago to West Palm coast after college. Her first daughter, Bree Aleece, was born in 1991. In 1992 she met comedian and ventriloquist Jeff Dunham. Lock were involved three month after they met. They married in 1994. In 1995, the couple"s daughter Ashlyn Evelyn was born. In 1997, Makenna Paige to be born. Jeff Dunham filed for divorce in 2008 and also the divorce was finalized in 2012.

Since the divorce, she has end up being an support for divorce women and helping females navigate with breakups and divorce. She also donates she time to assorted children"s charities.

She is a runner and also ran the san Francisco half marathon, where she elevated $6,000 for the national Institute for mental Health.

Legal Issues: In 2015, Jeff Dunham"s second wife Audrey Dunham sue Paige Dunham for registering the websites,,, and Reportedly, Audrey inquiry Paige to move the websites, and also the an answer was a demand for 10s of hundreds of dollars because that each domain name. Audrey filed a sue seeking damages up to $100,000 per domain name, add to a claim of unfair competition.

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Paige Dunham

Net Worth:$20 Million
Date of Birth:Mar 13, 1968 (53 year old)
Profession:Film Producer, Actor
Nationality:United claims of America

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