Tragically, Cornelius committed suicide in 2012 at the age of 75. Now, his son, Anthony “Tony” Cornelius, is helping to shed light top top his father’s trip in creating one that the longest-running reflects in TV history through a brand-new series called American Soul. The 10-episode series, which premieres on bet Feb. 5, uses viewers who thrived up watching Soul Train a captivating dose of nostalgia while introducing a brand-new generation to a regime that readjusted the course of black history.

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Don’s Soul 

Actor Sinqua walls as Don Cornelius indigenous BET’s “American Soul” (Photo: Daniel McFadden/BET)

“Little recognized fact: mine father constantly wanted to perform a heart Train movie,” said Anthony, that serves as among the executive, management producers top top the series, to BLACK ENTERPRISE.

“Many times, a lot of black men don’t have almost everywhere to turn. We struggle with ours feelings,” stated Anthony. “A most black folks walk to the church for their soothing the their psychological capacity, i beg your pardon is fine, however many times it gets even much more complicated,” the added. “There are professionals out there who deserve to diagnose the problem. It’s around education.”

American Soul gives viewers a watch at few of the warning indications of who in mental distress through presenting a different side of Cornelius and also the realm he built.

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“My father’s legacy will continue to live on—it’s living ideal now,” that said.

American Soul

Still of Kelly Price together Brianne Clarke native BET’s “American Soul” (Annette Brown/BET)

Grammy-nominated R&B singer Kelly Price claims starring in American Soul is a full circle minute for her. After ~ releasing her debut album in 1998, she make her television debut top top Soul Train. At the time, she hit solitary “Friend the Mine” had charted as No. 1 on the U.S. R&B chart, however, her label was apprehensive to reveal her appearance as result of her weight and also dark complexion. “I had actually a No. 1 record in the country and nobody had actually seen what i looked like,” Price said BE. “The first time everybody gained a chance to see me was on Soul Train on a Saturday morning,” she says. “Don Cornelius to be the an initial person to current me to the world on a national stage.”

Price also received her an initial award as a singer and songwriter in ~ the 1999 heart Train Music Awards. “Now, the very first time that civilization will actually view me take it on a chunky acting duty will be a component of the informing of the Don Cornelius story.”

Sinqua Walls, who portrays Cornelius in American Soul, says he is delivering the Soul Train legacy “with a tremendous amount that pride.” He establish Cornelius as more than just an above TV host, but likewise as an entrepreneur and also a visionary. “We constantly say, when you have a dream, monitor it and don’t let anyone detract from it. And also Don is a testament to that. Not just did he execute it as a man creating a TV show, yet he go it as a black male in 1970s do the efforts to pitch a show that nobody had ever done before to an audience the didn’t constantly want to check out him. And he remained steadfast in his dreams.”