Back in 2001, one of my favourite Christian bands that the early 90’s made a comeback album (I didn’t in reality hear that till year later). The name of the band was PFR (‘Pray for Rain’ top top their an initial album) and I checked out the Christian bookstore (I’m certain it was among the last times i did that) just as i would have actually driven come the Captain’s Quarters back in 1992, and bought the album. Listening come it, i tried to love it. I tried to acquire into it, even telling my wife that she had actually to inspect it out. Yet alas, the excitement stirred largely in the component of my brain that shop memories, since the music just wasn’t that good.

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A few years ago, DC talk posted one old logo, curiously by itself, on their facebook page. Fans instantly took to social media come talk around it and also wonder if the thing they had waited for due to the fact that the an extremely early 2000’s had actually come true. After ~ a couple of days however, us all learned that there would be no tour, however for those of united state who want to walk on a cruise v the Talk and their other bands, we could pay the money and see them carry out some songs.

Uh, no thanks.

Then critical week a girlfriend of mine sent me an write-up from saying the Michael Tait had announced one upcoming tour through the band. My friend sent out it come me and also another friend of ours from high school, and also he simply responded come us through the words, “Whatever”.

To recognize my friends response, and my own unwillingness to gain excited around the brand-new tour, stop journey back through the annals of Christian music history in the last two decades and also see why the news created a lackluster response from us and also no doubt native the rest of the Christian world.

When DC talk finished back in 2000 or 2001, two points were true. First of all, castle were quickly the most famous Christian band of every time. Your last album wasn’t quite as exceptional as your 1995 hit Jesus Freak, but it to be a solid album through ear pleasing pop tunes and also slightly different influences presented within the album. When Jesus Freak came out in 1995, that is for sure to say that the Christian people had been overtaken with some of the biggest music it had actually ever produced up to that point. DC Talk created an album for us to host on to together “the best” Christian album many of us ever heard. Rock, alternative, rap and soul combined, i listened come it over and also over and also over, simply being wowed v its content. Every play-through on my CD player produced a concert like experience in my living room in Tucson, AZ.

The 2nd thing the was true when DC talk retired was the Christian music world was changing. Record labels began to pick safe bets in regards to their music and also “safe bets” expected worship music, consisting of Hillsong United and also Sonicflood, regulating the airwaves. Newer innovative bands like Switchfoot do a instance for fantastic “redeeming” music ~ above a popular stage, choosing to protect against the Christian subculture of CCM and also over time, the innovation that DC Talk, the Newsboys, and a handful of various other bands ushered in crept away while the pop prayer tunes of kris Tomlin and also such dominated the brand-new Christian music industry, i m sorry had end up being a shell of the 90’s domination.


Honestly, in the an initial decade of the 2000s a the majority of secular pop and alternative music created a safe experience for impressionable minds too. Ns remember listening to Linkin Park’s an initial album, Hybrid Theory. Angry, raw, and pleasing to the ear, it tested my conservative notion that absent music had to focus on sex or vulgarity. Chevelle, Switchfoot, Lifehouse, and Creed were all examples of absent music affected by Christian themes (and in many situations Christians) I could listen come on any kind of radio station and also not just ones that sounded choose formulaic doctor’s office CD’s.

In the last te of course, an innovative musical geniuses might make names for themselves (Christian or not) by utilizing the tools of the internet and we no longer have to purchase whole albums, but can pick only the songs us want, making creative thinking both harder and also easier because that those wanting to construct a bridge in between their faith and also the music they love. Gungor and John mark MacmIllan expressed their talents of producing amazing Christian music beginning with the internet.

So below we are, just a year and a fifty percent shy of waltzing right into the 3rd decade the the 21st century, and also DC talk invites united state to sign up with them again, and also we answers rightly v “Whatever”. I don’t want to phone call the best Christian band exactly how to execute their job, yet they’re walking to need to play this the best way, and of course i do have actually some suggestions. Below they are.

Let Toby compose the music.

Throughout the years, indigenous the opened trumpets of their very first song “Heavenbound” to your solo projects, we’ve involved understand the writing genius behind DC speak was Toby Mac. Hear me out, he no the most talented vocally, (That to be Michael Tait, IMO)

but the song he created before and also after the speak made them who they became and also made him one of the most renowned Christian solo plot in the last two years too. We now recognize who composed the ideal songs and who the genius marketer behind the Jesus Freak Phenomena was, and also we additionally know the he demands to lead the fee on this.

Find your voice and also stick v it.

One the the tough things around aging is you know you’re getting older, however it no feel like it. Toby, Mike, and also Kevin will never make original culture transforming hits again. At the very least not in the 18-34 demographic. However they can transform the means Christians in their 30’s, 40’s and over think about God, culture, politics, and also other points that human being our age must think through. Each of lock have spoken out to society in matters such together racism and the cross, and they could and should continue to influence people with your music. Simply don’t try to be that you’re not. I remember the last time ns attended within Out heart Festival in new Hampshire and also seeing among my fave bands, Petra, walk the end of your van and also into the venue. John Schlitt the command singer, donned his trademark outfit indigenous the at an early stage 90’s – Tight black color leather pants and also a loosened fitting white shirt. Regrettably it was the center 2000’s and the outfit no look so good on a 60 year old.

Help us understand once again what it is to be a “Jesus Freak”.

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Toby once said in an interview, “We’re no going to cross over, unless we can take the overcome over.” their music to be edgy, tough driving, and also in pace with lot of the alternative scene in the middle 90’s, yet they seldom sacrificed the definition behind their lyrics. In a civilization where universalism runs rampant in the walls of the church, it wouldn’t be a stretch because that them to “speak some significant life” into a team of human being having a difficult time make the efforts to discover their identity in a an altering world the has little interest in a Messiah or his bride.

So Toby, Mike, and Kevin, you might never review this, yet I beg of you, you re welcome don’t screw this up. So aid us know what we have actually become. You have our ears and you’ll have actually our money (or at last our streaming revenue), so when the time comes because that you to speak/sing one “un-socially acceptable” message around the Nu points God is quiet doing, know that the stakes are high. You could bring life come a dying genre, and also truthfully, we would choose it, love it, and also even need it. A new innovative proclamation through equally an excellent music that stirs the apathetic church to rally roughly a article for those of united state who are into Jesus no too much to ask, is it?