will A Danny Phantom Reboot ever Happen? Danny Phantom is a cult favorite Nickelodeon cartoon the fans would certainly love to watch revived. Will certainly a Danny Phantom reboot ever before happen though?

will certainly cult animated collection Danny Phantom ever receive a reboot? Danny Phantom was produced by Butch Hartman (The reasonably OddParents) because that Nickelodeon in the early on 2000s. The collection followed a teenager named Danny Fenton, whose parents act as ghost hunters. Danny is soon involved in one accident whilst investigate a Ghost Portal belonging come his parents, which transforms him into a half-human, half-ghost hybrid. He soon learns to use his newfound strength to struggle ghosts the threaten his town, with some help from his friends and sister.

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A combination of a fun premise, clever writing, and an excellent animation do Danny Phantom a cult favorite, yet sadly the collection came come an abrupt end when it was canceled during its 3rd season. The fanbase surrounding the display has just grown since it ended, yet while they"ve been holding the end hope because that some type of Danny Phantom reboot, it has actually yet to happen.

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That said, there have been rumblings in current years arguing a Danny Phantom reboot could be in the works, so here"s what we recognize so far.

Danny Phantom went back In short The reasonably Odd Phantom

danny phantom fairly odd phantom short
Danny Phantom creator Butch Hartman acquired fans excited in 2016 as soon as he developed artwork ~ above his YouTube channel that verified the main personalities 10 year on indigenous the finish of the show, and another video clip pitch dubbed Danny Phantom: The university Years. A fan produced social media campaign dubbed #GoGhostAgain was created around this time petitioning Nickelodeon for a brand new series.

This renewed attention in a Danny Phantom reboot caused the creation of quick The fairly Odd Phantom. This three-minute animation is a crossover in between Hartman innovations Danny Phantom, The relatively OddParents, T.U.F.F. Puppy and Bunsen Is A Beast. The quick was an extremely well received however there"s no concrete authorize of the display receiving a reboot simply yet.

A Live-Action Danny Phantom script Exists

Forgotten Cartoons Danny Phantom
Butch Hartman confirmed in 2018 a script for a live-action Danny Phantom reboot exists and has been submitted to Nickelodeon. No potential cast or story details because that the film have actually been revealed, however, and also Hartman seems to think a brand-new animated series is the way to go for the franchise.

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Hartman has due to the fact that departed from Nickelodeon, who very own the civil liberties to Danny Phantom, for this reason it"s unknown if the network is still moving ahead v a live-action movie. Hartman is likewise working ~ above a collection called ImagiNathan, which the feels is a successor in tone to Danny Phantom. When fans continue to be ready and willing because that a Danny Phantom reboot, over there doesn"t currently show up to it is in plans to carry the present back.