“Ring the Fire” was co-written through a lady that at the time was well-known as June Carter. She would later on go on to marry Johnny Cash and also become June Carter Cash in 1968. However, together the story goes, she composed “Ring that Fire” back when she was just fallout’s in love with the singer (despite gift married to someone else at the time). As such the sentiments to express in the song are intended to it is in reflective of the feeling.

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So the best method of knowledge this monitor is as the repeated phrase “burning ring of fire” being identified with falling in love. Certainly the mass the text are based on that metaphor. And with that in mind, the thesis sentiment expressed is quite simple. For the most component what the singer is act is celebrate the fact that he has met a special lady who renders him feel this way. Furthermore as the monitor progresses, we can theorize that similar to a raging fire his love because that her proceeds to “burn” in an ever-increasing fashion. So the implicit is the this feeling in his heart has reached the point whereas the is can not to control it, even if he want to.

So conclusively this is a love song based on a relatively-simple metaphor. And that is the singer’s love being set aflame via his affection because that the mrs he loves.


Writing Credits for “Ring of Fire”

“Ring that Fire” to be co-written by Johnny Cash’s wife, June Carter Cash (1929-2003), who was a musician in her own right. In reality it was her sister, Anita Carter (1933-1999), who recorded and also released the tune before Cash himself.

Meanwhile Johnny had actually a dream about “Ring of Fire” in which the song was magnified by “Mexican horns”. Thus that made a deal with Anita that if her version didn’t blow up in ~ a mentioned amount the time, he would re-record the song based upon that inspiration and release the himself. And also in fact Anita Carter’s rendition did not hit, v the rest being history.

Interesting to note is that Vivian Cash (1934-2005), the mrs whom Johnny Cash was actually married to as soon as this song was released, has claimed that the was actually Johnny, no June, that wrote “Ring that Fire”. In addition she went on to contend that what the track is truly about is “a details private female body part”.

The other attributed co-writer that “Ring the Fire” is one more musician by the name of Merle Kilgore (1934-2005). Interesting to note is that once June Carter go marry Cash, Kilgore was their ideal man.

Johnny Cash’s variation of “Ring that Fire”

Cash’s rendition was released ~ above 25 in march 1963. The is the title track from a compilation album that released that year entitled “Ring that Fire: The ideal of Johnny Cash”.

His version proved to be quite successful, topping Billboard’s Hot country Singles. Furthermore, the climbed come number 17 on the hot 100 and likewise charted in Germany and also Switzerland. Additionally the track has been certified yellow in the unified States and also is taken into consideration to be among the Johnny Cash’s signature tunes.

A great Song

Moreover in 2011, it was dubbed one of the “500 greatest Songs of every Time” by rolling Stone, also making the onto the height 100 of the list.


This track was extended by Eric Burdon & the Animals, in 1969, to global chart success. Another remarkable cover the “Ring that Fire” is the one country Joe McDonald rendered throughout the wooden storm music festival that exact same year.

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and going back to the mexican inspiration, Johnny Cash additionally recorded a Spanish rendition of “Ring the Fire”.

Usage in advertisement

Another exciting story linked to this track is that in 2004 a certain company want to usage it to sector products connected with hemorrhoid relief. And whereas Kilgore was cool with the idea, Rosanne Cash, Johnny’s daughter, shot that down.