Willie Nelson is among the most iconic name in country music. Our pigtailed, sky-high American treasure has actually written many of his own songs in enhancement to songs for many other artists. His name is pretty much synonymous with country music. The his countless classics, "On the road Again" has end up being one the his signature songs, as well as a must-listen on any road trip.

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Outside of do music, Nelson also dabbled in Hollywood. His an initial starring duty was in the movie Honeysuckle increased in 1980, in a role that fight pretty close to house for Nelson. The command character, Buck Bonham (played by Nelson), is an aspiring musician that grapples through caring for his family while balancing fame and also life on tour. Nelson"s tourism bus in actual life was even named Honeysuckle Rose.

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Shortly after ~ signing his contract for the film, Nelson to be on a plane with among the film"s executive producers. Lock told him the they needed him to compose a theme track for the movie, so he rather literally traction out among the barf bags indigenous the seatback in prior of him and quickly created out some lyrics. Nelson called Uncut that he wasn"t really certain what come write.

"They were searching for songs for the movie and they started asking me if ns had any idea," Nelson recalls. "I said, "I don"t know, what carry out you desire the tune to say?" i think Sydney said, "Can it be something around being ~ above the road?" It just started come click in mine head. I said, "You typical like, "On the roadway again, i can"t wait to get on the roadway again"?" lock said, "That"s great. What"s the melody?" i said, "I don"t know yet.""

To speak the tune was an prompt success would certainly be one understatement. Nelson not just won a Grammy award for best Country Song however earned an Academy award nomination and also a point out in the Grammy room of Fame. The track is widely consisted of on lists for the ideal songs of all time. This was one of Nelson"s biggest crossover hits of the time, ranking ~ above both the country and also adult contemporary Billboard charts. Many notably, the tune remains among his most recognizable. It"s still being spanned by other musicians today and also is widely used in popular culture and films.

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This story formerly ran on July 10, 2020.

"On the road Again" Lyrics

On the road againI just can"t wait to acquire on the roadway againThe life ns love is makin" music v my friendsAnd ns can"t wait to acquire on the roadway again

On the road againGoin" areas that I"ve never beenSeein" things that I may never see againAnd ns can"t wait to acquire on the road again

On the road againLike a band of Gypsies us go under the highwayWe"re the ideal of friendsInsisting that the world keep turnin" ours wayAnd our method is top top the road again

I simply can"t wait to get on the roadway againThe life i love is makin" music v my friendsAnd ns can"t wait to obtain on the roadway again, break freeAnd i can"t wait to gain on the road again