What can one person acquire done in 20 minutes? as soon as we ask ourselves this question, answers might range from “unload and reload the dishwasher” and “take a shower” come “watch almost an entire episode that Parks and Recreation.”

One price that’s probably never uttered, at least not be the average person, is “write a fight song.” Johnny Cash, the legend musician, did just that with his struggle song, “I to walk the Line.” Keep analysis to gain all the details about Cash’s hit song.

What is Johnny Cash’s song, ‘I to walk the Line,’ about?

Cash, 23 year old in ~ the time, wrote the song after he went ~ above tour through 20-year-old Elvis Presley, that had already amassed a fanbase the adoring fans. “I walk the Line” served as a reminder for Cash to continue to be faithful come his first wife, Vivian Liberto if on tour through Presley, according to mental Floss. “It was sort of a prodding come myself to ‘Play it straight, Johnny,"” Cash claimed of the song.

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Johnny Cash singing ‘I to walk the Line’ in 1958. | YouTube

The song’s second definition

“I walk the Line” wasn’t simply a story around fidelity for Cash. Sam Phillips the Sun documents reportedly no want any type of gospel songs yet Cash provided the story of continuing to be faithful to wife on tourism as a way to gain the gospel song green-lighted by Phillips.

Cash ‘really no like’ the track upon release

Cash as soon as recalled why he didn’t choose “I to walk the Line” in the beginning, according to NPR. “Well, Sam wanted it up–you know, up-tempo. And I put file in the strings the my guitar to gain that–(makes guitar noises)–sound. And also with a bass and also a command guitar, over there it was,” Cash said.


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Johnny Cash and also June Carter Cash pose because that a portrait at an occasion in September 1969 in California. | Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Carter later on described very first meeting Cash in the liner note of Love, God, Murder, Cash’s box set released in 2000. “I can not remember something else we talked about, other than his eyes,” she wrote. “Those black eyes that shone prefer agates…He had actually a command the his performance that I had never before. Just a guitar and a bass and also a gentle kind of visibility that made not only me, but whole audiences come to be his followers.”

Carter and also Cash would certainly go on come marry in the late 1960s and remain with each other until their deaths in 2003.