Why The Sopranos Theme track Plays Over many Saints the Newark’s Credits The countless Saints that Newark theatre the above Sopranos theme song, "Woke increase This Morning" through Alabama 3, during its finish credits. Here"s why.

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Tony Soprano in countless Saints the Newark and also The Sopranos
Warning: consists of SPOILERS for The many Saints the Newark.

The end credits of The plenty of Saints of Newark are attach by a tune that will be instantly familiar to pan of The Sopranos – the original series’ theme song, “Woke increase This Morning” through Alabama 3. The song has end up being an enduring item of the HBO show’s legacy and is widely checked out as among the most iconic opening themes in TV history. It’s inclusion in ~ the end of The many Saints of Newark is a funny Sopranos Easter egg, but its placing at the finish of the film likewise has a better narrative significance.

Much of the story of The countless Saints the Newark focuses ~ above the relationship between the young Tony Soprano and also Dickie Moltisanti - a significant mobster and also the dad of The Sopranos" Christopher. Tony plainly admires Dickie, and though the shows major promise academically, he starts to feel the constant pull of the excitement and also luxury of crowd life. Regrettably for him, Dickie is killed in a hit ordered by small Soprano at the finish of The numerous Saints that Newark, cutting off the relationship abruptly and also making Dickie a martyr because that Tony to proceed idolizing.

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Like many of the later relationships in his life, Tony Soprano’s partnership with Dickie is warped and also harmful, regardless of the apparent affection the two have for each other. Dickie acts as a mentor and father number to Tony, but with the ultimate an outcome of Tony going down the very same dark path. That a cyclical pattern of losing innocence it is beautifully synthetic up through the lyrics and also feeling of the film"s end credits song.

What track Plays Over countless Saints that Newark: Sopranos design template Explained

Every Sopranos question The plenty of Saints of Newark have the right to Answer
The plenty of Saints of Newark"s end credits track is "Woke increase This Morning" through Alabama 3, the initial theme track of The Sopranos. Thematically, the tune is reminder at the start of every Sopranos episode of what the viewer is actually watching – Tony Soprano’s story of struggling to hold power and also joy together they continue to slip far from him. The Sopranos is, in many ways, a show about inevitability. Tony’s anxiety assaults start since of the gnawing knowledge that the old-school gangster human being he’s a component of will only lead him in the direction of an inevitable fall. At the start of every Sopranos episode, the theme song recounts that theme of unpreventable decline.

Michael Gandolfini as Tony Soprano in numerous Saints the Newark
Obviously, the Sopranos theme song is contained in The countless Saints of Newark largely together a fun reference to The Sopranos, however the greater definition of “Woke up This Morning” also comes into play. In ~ the finish of The countless Saints the Newark, Tony is officially on his course as a mobster. The events of his film, his connection with Dickie Moltisanti, and also the way that connection ends eventually catapults Tony toward his Sopranos fate – something the possibly might have been avoided earlier in his life, yet which is unavoidable by the finish of the movie. The play of “Woke up This Morning” in the finish credits is therefore an especially significant, as it point out the start of Tony’s true decline.

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Of course, when Tony’s fall begins in The countless Saints the Newark, there space still many years that his life prior to The Sopranos that have gone unexplored. The trip from young underling to the Don of phibìc Jersey is one the still has actually yet to it is in told, and one that numerous are hoping can be discover by a Many Saints that Newark sequel. Michael Gandolfini is mainly in the function that his father play so perfectly, and it would be great to see him proceed the story that Tony Soprano after ~ the occasions of The numerous Saints the Newark.