Paul Rodgers recalled the night cost-free played signature monitor “All best Now” for the an initial time, and also it went under so well they had actually to play that again.

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The song was co-written in 1970 through bassist Andy Fraser and also went ~ above to reach No. 4 in the U.S. And No. 2 in the U.K. And it’s been played an ext than 3 million times on American radio stations.

“‘All ideal Now’ was a product, really, of the type of audiences we were playing to at the time,” frontman Rodgers called Uncle Joe Benson ~ above the Ultimate standard Rock Nights radio show. “We were playing in blues clubs but we were moving out into different areas, getting bigger. We had a song called ‘The Hunter,’ which is an Albert King blues song; and also really us couldn’t obtain off stage without playing that song. It to be very an overwhelming to monitor it, friend know? that went down so well.

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“I was trying to find a song; ns said, ‘We need something the the audience can actually sing. Something actual simple, i don’t know, like, “All right now, baby…” We operated the chorus out, and then Andy took that home and he came back the following day v some chords. Ns remember thinking, ‘Hmm, that’s gonna need quite a few lyrics to fill that, because it stays on the very same thing. I’m gonna require a story here… and also I need to gain it to “All best now.” for this reason what’s the story about?’”

Rodgers come up with the id of a woman that he thought might want to it is in kissed. “It just flowed native there,” the recalled. “I wrote out the entirety thing and also I take it it follow me to the following show and also we sound-checked it. We thought, ‘Hey, this is pretty great – we’ll play that tonight.’” totally free started the show with their new composition, but “towards the finish of the evening I claimed to the crowd, ‘Anybody wanna listen anything? any type of requests?’ And all of them started saying, ‘Play that very first song girlfriend played!’ i thought, ‘Wow, that’s prefer an hour and also a fifty percent later they’ve psychic this song. That’s pretty good.’”

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