This to be written and recorded for the standard 1966 Dr. Seuss TV holiday Special exactly how The Grinch Stole Christmas. Seuss created the lyrics and also Albert Hague wrote the music. The song shows up three time in the special, beginning when The Grinch starts crafting his impostor Santa suit. Every time that plays, us hear an ext about the despicable eco-friendly guy, who ultimately grows a heart. The variation played on radio is a mix of the three show uses.

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How The Grinch Stole Christmas to be a book before it was made into a movie. Warner brothers legend chuck Jones go the animation.
In the movie, The Grinch is voiced through Boris Karloff, a famed horror movie actor. This led many human being to believe he taped the song.
In 2000, Ron Howard command a live-action variation of exactly how The Grinch Stole Christmas certification Jim Carrey. In the movie, Carrey sings this with rapper Busta Rhymes.
This deserve to be heard in the 1990 movie home Alone in a scene whereby Macaulay Culkin has actually fallen sleep watching the TV special.
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