The Simpsons writer josh Weinstein has actually revealed an alternative ending for the standard two-parter "Who Shot grandfather Burns?" and also a really different culprit.

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Weinstein co-wrote both episodes through Bill Oakley and as every Simpsons pan knows, it was Maggie that pulled the cause after he failed to steal her candy, however Weinstein has actually revealed that throughout the pitch for the episodes, they assumed it might be Barney.

Yes, the loveable drunk Barney, who throughout the episode is mad in ~ Burns because that Moe"s Tavern being closed together a result of fumes native Burns"s oil drilling.

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Summary of our pitch for "Who shoot Mr. Burns" from the June "94 story conference notes.Neat to see exactly how this developed (we believed it can be Barney yet on the really next web page -so in ~ minutes of stating it- someone says Maggie) and also Patty & Selma could"ve to be suspects.

— mockery Weinstein (
Joshstrangehill) in march 11, 2018

As Weinstein mentions though, it wasn"t Barney for long.

"Neat to see how this emerged (we thought it can be Barney however on the an extremely next web page – so within minutes of stating it – someone says Maggie). And also Patty & Selma could"ve to be suspects," the explained.

One thing that is yes, really pleasing from the notes is that they were constantly convinced it had actually to be someone we knew that shot Burns and also not "some cheap-out guy like Burns" brother who suddenly appeared at the last minute".

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It"s not the first time that Weinstein has shared some behind-the-scenes information around the standard Simpsons mystery.

Back in December, the revealed some deleted scene from the episodes, giving fans an understanding into Homer together a fugitive and Milhouse v his head grounding in a globe.

The Simpsons airs new episodes ~ above Fox in the US and also Sky One in the UK.

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