Super ‘70s and ‘80s: “Scooby-Doo, Where space You!”—Larry Marks, theme tune singer, season 1

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Introduction to series “Super ‘70s and also ‘80s.”Introduction come subseries “Scooby-Doo, Where space You!” (including perform of interviewees).

What’s your expert background?I began out together a musician, a functioning musician. When I left college ns was on the road around a year and a half with a band. Got married, played nightclubs in California, transitioned come studio work. Then i started acquiring hired. That was in the late 1960s. I concerned California from brand-new York in 1966.What to be you doing in 1969 prior to the Scooby contact came?I to be hired by Lee Hazlewood, a record producer in those days. I was act background days (meaning ns was a background singer) and also producing documents for him. When I left his company, I went to A. Schroeder, a music publishing company. Randy Newman, Barry White were few of our writers. Among the music catalogs we administered to be Hanna-Barbera. In that volume we also detailed theme music for your shows. We put our writers to occupational on their shows. One of the reflects that us did was Scooby-Doo.How did you get affiliated with Scooby?I had actually a three-and-a-half octave range so I could do girls’ parts. Ns was handy to have approximately the studio. Once the template was created for Scooby-Doo, mine boss stated I desire you to execute the vocals.
Larry Marks late 1960s

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Before singing the theme, what were you called or shown around the show?Nothing actually. The was the interesting thing around it. Us knew the premise essentially however that’s it.So you hadn’t even seen what the characters looked like?No, never saw anything. We cut the tracks on Wednesday and the display was on the air on Saturday.Was the a typical turnaround in those days?That to be pretty quick. (laughs) we knew it was going to be okay yet you don’t want to cut it that close if you deserve to avoid it.How walk the record go?It walk great. Ns did all the parts. Ns sang the lead and also the backgrounds, one at a time.Is it true that it to be you that suggested adding the indigenous “Scooby Dooby Doo” come the lyrics? Those weren’t in the version David Mook and Ben Raleigh wrote?Actually the just line that I added was “Scooby Dooby Doo, right here are you.” It to be grammatically twisted however it rhymed.What to be the initial line?I don’t remember.So friend didn’t suggest adding “Scooby Dooby Doo”?No, the tune was created by Ben Raleigh, co-written by the male I operated for in ~ the time, David Mook. We had actually a pretty impressive stable of authors to go to. We would go to males who’d had actually hit records before.Was there ever before talk of publication the tune as single?No. A couple of guys approached me once they did the movie version. Someone had the glowing idea the me, the guy who go the original, updating the theme. I tape-recorded a variation of it but it was more on spec than anything else.Was it ever before used?No.Was something changed?We updated the arrangement so it sounded a little more contemporary.I thought the original theme sounded innovative for a cartoon at the time.I think because it was composed by a songwriter. It had a various attraction come it. It was a little bit hipper.What was David Mook like?An exciting guy. He operated for Schroeder along with me. He to be a quite guy. The was no a music guy per se, no a musician. It’s been a lengthy time.Did you ever meet Ben Raleigh?Yes. He was old school. When I met that he to be an enlarge guy. Ns didn’t have a lot of contact.What about Austin Roberts, who sang the layout after you?I don’t know why lock rerecorded it. Maybe since at the time Roberts had actually a hit document out referred to as “Keep on Singing.”Did that stroked nerves you at the time?No, i couldn’t care less. It to be an arbitrarily decision . the exact same song and essentially the exact same arrangement, if i remember correctly.Were you payment a flat fee or royalty?I to be paid scale. The point was ~ above film. It to be a sag thing. (AFTRA is ~ above tape.) climate you acquire residuals and also they last for several years.That doesn’t continue to this day?It’s a convoluted thing. they talked about all future technology. Probably 10-12 years ago, a girlfriend said, “You must see if there’s any kind of money in Scooby-Doo.” It’s ~ above the waiting 1,000 times a day. Not just the show, however my variation of the song. There to be a phrase that offered to speak specifically about the an initial year that Scooby—“classic”? castle were selling it that way. I thought possibly I’ll begin calling up. In 1969, there were no computers, no method of keeping info . I had to go SAG thirty years after the fact and also say, “I think you fan me money.” They lastly did the accounting and after every those years they offered me a check…are you ready for this…for $400-something dollars—not $400,000—and they took taxes out. The money originates from cable, DVD, , and those had actually to market I think 100,000 copies before you take part in the sales . Castle did have actually a favored nations clause—meaning the everyone affiliated with the record , consisting of the voice talent , renders as much as the greatest paid .Was that $400 every you’re expecting come see?No, ns was expecting come buy a home. (laughs) ns didn’t have any real expectations yet I had actually to recognize I was small taken aback .Do you think there’s an ext Scooby money come come because that you?I got one more check recently…for $100 and also change.Do girlfriend remember if girlfriend watched the very first episode? What was your reaction? that did you watch with?Yes, ns did with watch, through my kids.What did you think?I’d heard myself sing before. I’d had record deals as an artist. I’d heard myself top top the radio before. But I’d never heard my voice on TV before. I thought it was type of fun.What did girlfriend think that the show itself?I believed it to be interesting. Ns heard a concept why this display was for this reason popular; someone did an analysis some years ago. it was the only present at the moment that really had actually a plot with a actual whodunit where children had come think and pay attention. There to be no other display like that.And that struck you in ~ the beginning?We were supplied to The Flintstones, The Jetsons, benign reflects with no plot. So once you’re looking in ~ something prefer this, I believed it was interesting.Do you have children?My son was born in 1966 and also daughter in 1968.You remember city hall it with both the them? your daughter was really young in 1969.Oh yeah.Do you remember what lock thought?I think lock dug it but they to be young. I don’t recognize if the new of me to sing on it that attracted them.What execute your kids think of your link to pop culture history?I don’t know if lock looked in ~ it in those terms. Ns think they placed it in the ago of your minds and also kept it with them. I want to have children young on purpose so I can relate come them. Being in music ns could affix with castle directly. They concerned some of mine sessions. I sang top top The Banana Splits and they came. The was typical for them to be approximately musicians.Any stories around your children growing up and friends learning their dad sang the Scooby theme?That happened later on on, as soon as they were older. When they stated my dad sang the Scooby-Doo theme, civilization would go into how they loved that show.Do you have actually grandchildren?I have a grandson. He’s six.Does he know about your Scooby contribution?He does. I think he’s impressed yet I’m no really sure. (laughs) Then, TV to be the most compelling medium we had. There to be no multimedia. A human in TV was something the a player. Yet now through the internet anyone can make albums. However for some factor whenever Scooby-Doo is mentioned, there’s one reaction.Did to sing the Scooby theme have actually an affect on her career?No. It was a part of things that i did. Ns sang on a most people’s records. Come me it was just another gig. Ns don’t desire to show up cavalier or ungrateful but some civilization functioned on everybody’s records and they all ran together.What did you perform after the Scooby gig?When i left the music biz, i met my second wife and she had actually a marketing PR firm. We did media relations, strategizing.When walk you leave the music biz?I left in 1984.Was it tough to leave?The factor the break arisen was no the music yet the business. A lot of people were disenchanted.Did you have training in marketing, etc.?I didn’t have any type of formal training however I was a fast study. We had actually a great run. Yet I still have actually a passion for music and constantly will.What are you doing these days?I’m semi-retired. My mam passed away a year and a half ago. I’m also old to go ago to work but too young come not do something. I’m in a hovering phase.