50 year ago,Melanie Safka — who increased to fame just as "Melanie" — exit the irresistibly attractive "Brand brand-new Key," i m sorry topped the charts approximately the world. In a conversation through Bart Herbison the Nashville Songwriters association International, Melanie said the unlikely origin story the the song, just how she felt around it defining her career, and also the shoot of to trust it offered to Elton John.

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Bart Herbison: “Brand brand-new Key,” among my favorite songs ever! Melanie, you space going to need to forgive me if ns fanboy since I prayer you! …People might not establish that once ‘Brand brand-new Key’ come out, it to be the subject of a many supposition and also a lot of innuendo, however I hear you created it since you were hungry.

Melanie: It comes out in a most songs. Ns was ~ above a fast and a vegetarian previously. Ns wasn’t law well together a vegetarian. I kept acquiring ill and also colds and so I saw a fasting guru, bernard Jenson. He remained in Escondido, California and I to be in brand-new Jersey. Ns flew out and also I had actually a big concert in ~ Carnegie Hall and also I couldn’t be sick. Ns was acquiring a cold. The said, “Come out and also we will put you top top a fast.” So i did and also was ~ above a quick for 27 days on nothing yet distilled water, and also it had to it is in distilled water therefore you no get any kind of extra minerals or anything. I was see God, and I didn’t really desire to avoid the fast. There are so countless different opinions the fasting and so plenty of different weird diet things. Anyways, i was in search of my perfect diet and also solution and again, I had actually been a vegetarian and wasn’t law well. ~ above the 27th day, he said, “Melanie, ns think the time to stop the fast.” i said, “No! ns am beginning to gain visions!”

BH: I bet you were! (Laughing) 

Melanie: I had actually an suffer with a hill lion because we to be in Escondido in the hills and I had this actual minute when ns was looking at a mountain lion and also thinking, ‘Wow! isn’t he beautiful?

BH: That’s more than likely why the didn’t assault you, because you didn’t act afraid.

Melanie: Probably. Ns was simply so no afraid. I was cleansed. Ns went back after Dr. Jenson stated that my perfect diet would occur to me. He suggested that i eat meat because my blood form was O. Ns was like, “What!? Meat? No!” (He said, “At least, maybe as soon as a week, due to the fact that it will help ground you.”

I stopped the fast gradually by eating partially cooked grated carrot and zucchini. I did this for a couple of days and also then ns was top top my method to a flea market...I came back with a large bag complete of crazy stuff and I to be hungry! we were pass something and I smelled this aroma. Dr. Jenson said it would occur to me, the I would know. Ns looked over and it was a McDonalds. This was the truth!

BH: by the way, McDonalds was pretty brand-new then.

Melanie: It was really new. Simply that scent of rancid grease, ns don’t understand what the was, however we traction in and I got one of those combos and also no sooner than had actually I perfect the last bite the burger, that I wrote “Brand brand-new Key.” It just came right into my head. I had actually one that those small practice guitars in the van v me and when my husband, that was a record producer, heard me singing, the said, “What’s that?” and also I said, “Oh, part silly song. I’m simply playing around.” the said, “No, no--do that part again!” and I did, and also he said, “Melanie, that’s a hit!” and I said, “A hit? No! If it is a hit, ns am doomed to be cute because that the remainder of mine life.” and also that is precisely what happened!

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Melanie: say thanks to you therefore much. And it’s the 50th anniversary of the song. Wow!

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