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Cue the “feud.” yet Rimes and also Yearwood never duked the out… refusing to speak okay of one an additional in the press, despite both go express frustration over the situation. Instead, radio stations, newspapers and also even the Grammy Awards went to battle for them. Neighborhood media outlets carried out polls asking which variation was better. Radio stations placed listeners ~ above the air to bash one variation over the other (while number of deejays likewise created “duets” through mashing the cuts). And on today (January 6th) in 1998, both singers got Grammy nominations for ideal Country woman Vocal performance for “How carry out I Live.” It was the first time in the recording Academy’s background that two various artists were nominated because that the exact same song.

This was definitely one of the subtler water-cooler moment the Grammys tend to create every year. But then to include even more ice, producers had actually Rimes perform the tune on the live broadcast… just prior to Yearwood won.

“I wasn’t a happy person,” the teen star admitted come the Associated Press a few months after the awards. “I feeling betrayed. Not by fans but by human being in the business. It’s disheartening to see what the pan like and (have) politics take the from me.”

The fans absolutely did favor Rimes’ variation of the Diane Warren-penned song. If Yearwood won the Hollywood game, her younger challenger won the sales game. The Texas teen’s single moved an ext than three million units in just a matter of months, and also its 69-week run on Billboard‘s warm 100 set the record for the longest life on that chart (beaten 11 years later by Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours.”)

Still, Yearwood’s version organized its own, selling an ext than two million copies and also trumping Rimes top top the country charts through leaps and also bounds. “I would certainly not have actually chosen to go up versus LeAnn Rimes,” she said the Chicago Tribune that the singer she deemed “one of the most amazing voices who’s selling a billion records a minute.” It seems Yearwood to be blindsided by the relax of Rimes’ version.

“The Nashville preeminence is, if somebody has actually a track on hold, you don’t document it,” she reasoned. “There’s this sort of gentlemen’s commitment that if somebody has it, you don’t mess through it. Yet in this case, ns didn’t think she had any type of kind the permission to do that, so i wasn’t worried about it. Then I’m in Europe and I begin to hear that (the Rimes version) has been released to radio. Climate our version comes out, and also it’s prefer it becomes this large battle in between record labels.”