One that the many iconic ‘60s roots-rock bands, Creedence Clearwater renewal was coming off a collection of gold and platinum records when band member Tom Fogerty announced his departure. His brother and fellow singer/songwriter john Fogerty has actually gone on record stating the felt the fracture happening. In fact, he composed the mid-tempo classic “Have You ever before Seen the Rain?,” indigenous the group’s 1972 album Pendulum, explicitly about Tom leaving the group.

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Tom famously left the team in 1971 ahead of the brand-new album’s release. He went on come release numerous solo records, consisting of Excalibur (1972) and 1974’s Zephyr National, on which john played. Tom passed away from tuberculosis in 1991. One album to be released posthumously called Sidekicks (1992).

“Have You ever before Seen the Rain” functions John Fogerty’s signature throaty snarl, together he airs his heartache and also frustrations over the situation. “Someone said me long back there’s a calm before the storm / ns know, it’s been comin’ for part time,” the crows his admission right on the opened verse. “When it’s over, therefore they say, it’ll rain a clear day / i know, shinin’ down like water.”

The song, allegedly influenced by critical funk band Booker T. & the MG, who as soon as opened for Creedence Clearwater Revival, switches in between plainspoken emotion and also rich poeticism. “I wanna know, have actually you ever before seen the rain / Comin’ down on a sunny day?,” the howls ~ above the hook. The simple, however effective.

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“That song is really about the imminent breakup that Creedence. The imagery is, you can have a bright, beautiful, clear day, and also it can be rain at the exact same time,” John reportedly told Rolling Stone journalist Michael Goldberg in a 1993 interview. “The tape was break up. I was reacting, ‘Geez, this is all acquiring serious ideal at the time when we have to be having a sunny day.’”

In the 2nd verse, he continues mulling over the ultimate split. “Yesterday and days before, sunlight is cold, and rain is difficult / i know, to be that means for every my time,” that sings. “’Til forever, on that goes v the circle, fast and slow / i know, that can’t stop, i wonder.”

Much later, john Fogerty called a group at a 2012 concert in Arizona that the song, as soon as baring good emotional anguish and also yearning, had completely shifted in meaning. “It began out together a sad song numerous years ago,” that said. “It was around a sad chance in my life, but I refuse to it is in sad now. These days, that a an extremely happy song, since it reminds me of my beautiful, little baby girl, Kelsy, and that is the truth.”

“Kelsy rules my world,” the added. “And she knows it. Anyway, Kelsy is a rainbow in my life, and also this song has a rainbow in it.”

“Have You ever Seen the Rain” to be officially released as a single in early 1971, and “Hey Tonight” served as the b-side. The top hit ultimately climbed to the eighth slot ~ above Billboard’s hot 100 scoreboard.