When Al Pacino as Tony Montana says "Say hello to my little bit friend" toward the finish of Scarchallenge (1983), you have the right to bet he"s not presenting an individual acquaintance. No, he screams this famed movie line as an army of adversaries have actually infiltrated his strongorganize and are cshedding in to kill him. The "bit friend" is an AR-15 assault rifle equipped via a grenade launcher. Tony knows he will not survive this battle -- and also it"s apparent to the audience also -- but the brutal drug lord is going to take as many kind of of his adversaries out as he deserve to. That"s Tony Montana"s style. He is a fighter who"d fairly die in a hail of bullets than surrender.

What Is The Little Frifinish Anyway?

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When the "little friend" went up for auction in 2015, Darren Julien of Julien"s Auctions defined it as "a non-firing prop M203 grenade launcher installed to a non-firing prop M-16 army style attack rifle." That"s a little inaccurate; while the grenade launcher was initially attached to an M-16A1, cinematographer John Alonzo chose that the AR-15 would be less complicated to film. The weapon appeared in other movies, many notably the 1987 activity hit Predator, in which Arnold Schwarzenegger wields it versus a deadly alien enemy. In both movies, the weapon fired live rounds, however the exercise of making use of live rounds in filming was banned adhering to the 1993 on-collection fatality of Brandon Lee.

The winning bidder passist $54,000 for the gun.


“Say Hello To My Little Friend” began out through a coked-out Al Pacino blowing rival drug dealers to smithereens in the insimilar Scarface. Today, the famed expression has actually pervaded itself right into many type of aspects of daily life. If you ever before watched MTV’s Cribs, you’ll know that it’s a quasi-law that rappers, basketsphere players, or anyone with a marble staircase must own a Scarface poster.

The 1983 classical was a reinforming of a 1932 gangster movie by the very same title but with way, way even more cocaine. Apparently, Al Pacino experienced the original and also automatically saw the potential for a remake. P Diddy, that professed to have seen the movie 63 times, “for the lessons,” stays grateful. 

"You Wanna F**k With Me? Okay. You Wanna Play Rough?"


Director Brian De Palma and also Al Pacino wanted to make the movie as grisly, visceral, and hardcore as possible. That desire for realism led to a variety of exciting decisions. For instance, at one point the movie held the document for more F-words used in a movie through 226.

The much longer line, prefer a lot of of Tony"s utterances, does contain an F-bomb:

You wanna f**k via me? Okay. You wanna play rough? Okay. Say hello to my bit friend!

Pacino also actually snorted a baby laxative that they offered as cocaine. According to Pacino, it wasn’t excellent for his nasal passperiods, “For years after, I have had points up in tright here. I don’t understand what occurred to my nose, yet it’s changed.”

Miami Not So Nice


The locations were one of the just elements that failed the authenticity test. At the moment, news of an extremely violent drug movie, focused roughly a Cuban born immiapprove in Miami produced a backlash. Naturally, many kind of Cubans and also Miami inhabitants didn’t desire their city shown as such. The Miami Tourist Board eventually made a decision that Scarface couldn’t shoot in Miami. Thus, Los Angeles, Santa Barabara, and even New York were Miami-fied to provide that tropical feel. 

Attention To Detail


The incapacity to shoot in Miami just hardened the crew’s commitment to realism. When Tony Montana screams, “Say hello to my little friend” and also begins laying waste to his enemies, the muzzle flashes on his AR15 are synched perfectly. That was many thanks to the manufacturing team fitting the prop firearms with electronic synchronizing devices designed to fire only as soon as the camera shutter was open. Such attention to detail rarely taken place ago then.

De Palma’s commitment to realism ran into problems through the MPAA, the human being that price movies for parental guidance. The first three times De Palma submitted the movie, it came ago via an X rating, which would mean fatality for box office numbers. Producers then arranged a meeting in between the MPAA and real narcotics police officers, that pelevated the veracity of the film. The only scene De Palma couldn’t get in was a chainobserved dismemberment, which the screenwriter Oliver Stone learned from the DEA actually taken place. 

It Was The ‘80s

Judging by exactly how well she"s aged, Pfeiffer can have actually been the only celebrity not partaking in the "80s booger sugar. (abcbrand-new.go)

To depict the wife of a cocaine lord, Michelle Pfeiffer lived on a diet of “tomato soup and Marlboros." She acquired so wafer-thin that crew members began bringing her bagels to the set! Oliver Stone, choose many kind of celebrities in the ‘80s, fought his very own cocaine addictions as he wrote the manuscript. At some point, he went to Paris, kicked the coke, and finimelted it “totally f*****g cold sober.”

Even as Pacino dealt with baby laxative problems, he made one crew member stop to him in Spanish the entire time to assist save him in character. The climactic “Say hello to my little bit friend” obtained a rise once fellow director alum Stalso Spielberg lent a hand. He never took crmodify bereason he wanted De Palma to righttotally obtain all the crmodify for “Scarchallenge.”

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