It was 2001, us were every So Excited since the first Harry Potter publication was finally comes to the big screen. Yet none that us, i repeat, no one of us, were ready for Oliver Wood-as-played-by-Sean-Biggerstaff. No, we will not be making any type of comments about the truly wonderful relationship in between the name of the actor and also the character. Nineteen years later, simply google it. 

In Harry Potter and the wizard Stone he is tasked with teaching a wee babe Daniel Radcliffe exactly how to pat quidditch. He comes out with that Scottish accent talking about chasers and also beaters, in a ribbed black color turtleneck the puts the Knives Out sweater to shame and I, a teenaged girl, to be lost. 

Please hear to the say words “quaffle” thanks. 

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Oliver wood was never ever truly offered his early in the movie after that very first one: ns missed see his fanatic desperation for quidditch top top screen. I wanted to listen Oliver Wood-as-played-by-Sean-Biggerstaff in every eight movie complain about the gamings being canceled just since of a tiny fascism. 


Credit: Warner Bros.

Photo: Credit: Warner Bros.

But even if he’s just in every the movies for a cumulative that runs a little under eight minutes, Oliver-Wood-as-played-by-Sean-Biggerstaff left one indelible mark on our hearts. With any kind of luck, we’ll view him in the unavoidable reboot together a gender-bent madame Hooch.  

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