Few mirrors are as bingeable together One Tree Hill. If you’re choose me, friend watched every episode method too quick that you had actually to go ago and rewatch simply to psychic what occurred (and because you love it, duh!).

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The inhabitants of Tree Hill listed enough drama because that a lifetime. Between scandalous hookups, the signature theme song from Gavin DeGraw, and incredible plot twists (Clay in the last season!!), OTH pan went top top a wild nine-season journey with few of the most lovable and also hateable (looking at you, Dan) characters ever to grace the small screen.

The very first episode aired top top The CW on September 23, 2003, and with two time jumps and an ext relationships than anyone might count, OTH involved an end virtually a decade after that April 10, 2012. Regardless of ending, the tradition of the display lives ~ above through some of its stars.

Hilarie Burton (Peyton), Bethany happiness Lenz (Haley), and also Sophia bush (Brooke) started the Drama majesties podcast in June 2021 whereby they rewatch every episode of OTH and talk about it. They food on behind-the-scenes shenanigans and also give their gut reactions to standard (if periodically cringeworthy) plot lines. If you have actually a few hours the end of the week to spare, you can even follow follow me on Hulu.

But what has the remainder of the OTH actors been up to for the last decade? Well, some went on to star in significant TV series, when others take it a well-deserved break from the limelight. See where every the actors that played her favorite OTH characters (Jake Jagielski fans, I gained you covered) ended up after your time top top the teenager drama.

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Sophia shrub was the glue that organized One Tree Hill together. She play Miss famous Brooke Davis, the dynamic, bubbly cheerleader the turned the end to it is in everyone’s favorite. OTH to be Sophia’s breakout role, and she starred in every season. Yet get this: she character nearly wasn’t called Brooke. Instead, that was an alleged to it is in Tara (um, what?!). Sophia shares the backstory that the name adjust on the Drama Queens podcast.

Upon arriving on set, Sophia fell in love v co-star Chad Michael Murray. After date for two years, the pair tied the node in 2005 only to split up 5 months later. Here’s the kicker: castle still had to job-related with every other, and producers exploited it for viewership, Sophia stated on Armchair Expert.