Nicolette is one American model and also actress best known because that playing mary in the movie national Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Return she hasn't plot in 21 years, her great performances in films and television reflects such as Boxing Helena and also Girls in Prison are still remembered.

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Nicolette Scorsese's biography

Nicolette Scorsese indigenous Christmas vacation was born on sixth January 1954. Unfortunately, over there is no information about Nicolette Scorsese's parents and also siblings.

How old is mar from Christmas Vacation?

Nicolette Scorsese and Mindy Peters. Photo: Lester CohenSource: Getty Images

Nicolette is 67 year old as of 2021.

Is Nicolette Scorsese related to Martin Scorsese?

Are Nicolette and also Martin Scorsese related? Many civilization question if Nicolette is linked to young name Scorsese, the famous director. Regardless of working in the to chat world, Nicolette and Martin space not related; they just share a surname.


Nicolette began her modelling and also acting career after completing she education. In 1985, the actress very first appeared in the action-adventure television collection The A-Team together Cindys.

In 1989, she landing a major role in national Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, a Christmas household comedy film. In between 1989 to 2000, she perform in a variety of films and television programs before taking a break from acting. She has actually not take away on any type of acting roles due to the fact that then.


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Below space her acting credits.

TV series1995-2000: NYPD Blue as Francine1995: ER together Pamela1994: Rebel Highway together Suzy1994: L.A. Legislation as Holly1987: Charles in charge as Louise1985: The A-Team as CindysFilms1998: Lone Greasers as Excelsior1996: The can be fried Lie as Eileen1994: girls in Prison together Suzy1993: The Waiter1993: Boxing Helena together Fantasy Lover / Nurse1993: Aspen excessive as Tina1989: nationwide Lampoon's Christmas Vacation together Mary1988: Perfect Victims as Melissa Cody

Personal life

Mary native Christmas holidays is currently solitary and concentrating on raising her daughter. In terms of previous relationships, Nicolette date Jellybean Benitez in 1988.

The model likewise dated American actor, director, producer and also screenwriter Sean Penn. Nicolette Scorsese and also Sean Penn started dating in the 1990s, and also their first public appearance to be at the brand-new York State Armoury's very first Annual global Rock Awards.


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They broke up after a year that dating. Nicolette additionally had a relationship with design Antonio Sabato Jr, who she met while follow a modelling career.

The actress additionally dated Billy Duffy, a British rock musician, in the so late 1990s. Nicolette and also Billy have a daughter named Shiloh Duffy, also though they space not married.

Body measurements

Where is Nicolette Scorsese now?

You may be wondering, "Where is mar from Christmas vacation now?" or "Where is Nicolette Scorsese today?" She has managed to keep a discreet life. She isn't active on any social media sites and also hasn't showed up at any kind of red carpet events.

Nicolette Scorsese has showed up in several films and also television shows, the many recent the which was NYPD Blue in 2000. However, she has managed to keep a short profile, and little is known about her existing endeavours.


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