Psych's Gus & Bud joke Was lastly Paid turn off In The collection Finale throughout Psych, Gus found himself being contrasted to Bud from the Cosby Show. Here"s exactly how the show"s finale finally paid turn off this to run joke.

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Psych Gus and Deon Richmond
~ eight seasons of having Gus (Dulé Hill) be contrasted to Bud indigenous The Cosby Show, Psych discovered a means to pay turn off this long-running joke. Many characters on the show thought Burton “Gus” Guster carefully resembled The Cosby Show’s Bud, play by Deon Richmond. Bud, a school classmate and also friend the Rudy’s, to be a recurring character who made regular visits come the Huxtable household and also often uncomfortable Rudy.

Bud was referenced multiple time on Psych, but always for the exact same reason: the was stated that he and Gus looked alike. This was one of several jokes that Psych ended up transforming into a running gag. ~ Shawn gibbs James Roday Rodriguez ad-libbed a scene and gave Gus a fake nickname, it became something viewers intended every time an advent was in order. Shawn and also Gus additionally had a propensity to reuse the same lines, together “wait for it”, “suck it”, and also “c’mon son!”, the latter of i m sorry they got from Ed Lover. The Bud jokes to be no different. It started in season 1 when Shawn said a character that Gus play Bud top top The Cosby Show, a lie which Gus was fast to deny. Appropriate away, rather noticed the physics similarities and the joke was brought on from over there in later episodes.

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Psych lastly paid off this joke in the series finale as soon as Gus is presented working in ~ his brand-new job. In one scene, Gus is speaking with his boss, Mr. Richmond, and also realizes throughout the conversation the the two have actually a couple of things in common. In ~ the finish of your talk, Mr. Richmond pats Gus top top the shoulder and also calls the “Bud”. Gus starts come respond, however stops himself. Come those who may not have actually recognized the actor playing Mr. Richmond, the suggest of this scene might easily have actually been missed, yet many did note that Gus’ new boss is played by Deon Richmond himself, the actor who actually play The Cosby present character.

Psych’s Deon Richmond cameo offered as a funny Easter egg that tied in to one of the show’s most renowned running jokes. The comparisons have actually prompted a many laughs end the years, with among the many memorable offers of that happening in season 6’s Bachelorette-themed episode, “Shawn and also the real Girl”. ~ going top top a truth dating show, Gus do the efforts to victory over Melinda (Lindsey Sloane), who says later on that instead of being attracted to Gus, he simply makes her think of Bud from The Cosby Show.

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Interestingly, the consist of of Deon Richmond as Gus’ ceo wasn’t the just Psych gag that was paid turn off by a shocking cameo in the collection finale. Psych revealed the the frequently mentioned – however never seen – Detective Dobson is play by Val Kilmer, an actor that Shawn has actually talked about constantly and also has concerned as his hero since boyhood.